New Year's Travel Resolutions

2 0 1 6 New Year’s Travel Resolutions

Four new resolutions for 2016

Last year I made seven travel resolutions for 2015, from maximizing our points to traveling light and trying something new and exhilarating. For the most part, I think I accomplished those goals. We traveled through the US and Europe for three weeks with just carry-ons, I went hang gliding in Rio and spelunking in Honduras, and we used our points to book round trip flights to Brazil, the US, Africa, Europe and beyond. For this year, I’m focusing on staying true to the resolutions that I made last year, plus adding a few new elements to the mix.

For 2016, I resolve to:

Know My Travel Priorities

New Year's Travel Resolutions

1I’ve talked about this before: knowing your own travel style vs. being easily captivated by would-be experiences touted in glossy ads. Over the years I’ve learned more and more about the types of travel experiences I personally value. We have a lot of great travels on the horizon this year (more on that to come), and I’ve resolved more than ever to focus on crafting itineraries that really cater to the type of experiences that we genuinely enjoy, not just the activities that guidebooks dub as musts.

Eat Like a Local

New Year's Travel Resolutions

2When it comes to cultural immersion, dining – and wine tasting! – are integral experiences. Even as a non-meat eater I manage to delve into local favorites pretty well. Last year, I teamed up with BonAppetour to talk about opportunities to eat local, something that I’ve been interested in for a long while. This year I’d like to make it a reality by dining in a local home and learning carefully cultivated techniques first hand. Prime target: Cape Town, South Africa.

Focus on Wellness

New Year's Travel Resolutions

3The last time I traveled to a wellness focused destination was our trip to Dominica in 2014. That’s not to say that you can’t have a health and wellness type experience outside of traditionally holistic destinations but it’s not something we’ve scouted out. This year, we’ve decided to make wellness a focus. We’re working with a personal trainer (!) to focus on physical health but I’m also trying to focus on personal/mental wellness by regularly taking time to clear my head and focus on the present.

Enjoy the Unplanned

New Year's Travel Resolutions

4If you’ve read this blog for any length of time, you know one thing without question: I’m a planner.

I’m such a planner.

I can’t help it. I love the ritual of planning a getaway, crafting an itinerary, talking with people on the ground, trying to seek out authentic experiences, etc. etc. With all of that said, I rarely leave time for nothing. That means, seldom an entire afternoon without the prospect of achieving something. This year I’m going to try to allow myself to enjoy the beauty of the unplanned; the simplicity of sunset cocktails and a conversation, the relaxation of an unexpected massage in the late afternoon, or the rare indulgence of reading a book during daylight hours.

Cheers to a fabulous 2016 ahead! After nearly two years of brainstorming, I’m excited to be re-launching my blog with a new look and feel and a new domain that better captures the way forward for the new year and an exciting new decade of life. Check back in the next couple of days – you’ll be redirected to my newest home on the internet!


Shannon Kircher, The Wanderlust Effect

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