I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that every traveler has a bucket list of sights to see during their life, whether written or unwritten. Here’s my personal list — it’s ever-evolving and I’m sure I’ll be adding more to it faster than I can check things off, but it’s a fun way to relive the places I’ve aspired to visit and the experiences that I’ve wanted to accomplish.

1. Visit Machu Picchu ✓

Machu Picchu, Bucket List Trips,

Read about our honeymoon trip to Machu Picchu.

2. Drive California’s Pacific Coast Highway

3. Live in Europe ✓

London, Bucket List Trips

4. Road trip around New Zealand’s North Island

5. Learn to SCUBA dive ✓

Bucket List Experiences, SCUBA Diving
Read about my experience getting SCUBA certified in Anguilla

6. Beach & bar hop in the BVIs ✓

Jost Van DYke, Bucket List Experiences

Read about our British Virgin Islands itinerary for boating, and see my posts on our island hopping in the BVIs!

7. Listen to jazz in New Orleans

8. Learn to fly a plane

9. Go on safari in Africa ✓

Tips for Planning an African Safari
Africa is my happy place and we’ve made it a mission to visit Africa annually since 2014, with safaris in Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda, plus trips to Rwanda, South Africa, Egypt, Morocco, and gorilla trekking in the DRC.

10. See the Northern Lights

11. Visit Munich for Oktoberfest ✓

OKtobefest, Bucket List Experiences

12. Head to Malta to visit the homeland ✓

Malta, Bucket List Experiences
Read about my trips to Malta to connect with family.

13. Go Zip Lining ✓

Ziplining, Bucket List Experiences

Read about our #SibTrip to Honduras, including zip lining over Pulhapanzak Waterfall.

14. Kayak in a bioluminscent lagoon

15. Go snorkeling in the Indian Ocean ✓

Indian Ocean Snorkeling, Bucket List Experiences

16. Volunteer with an HIV/AIDS organization

17. Explore Temples + Beaches in Bali

18. Tour the West Bank ✓

West Bank TOur, Bucket List ExperiencesRead about our time in the West Bank here.

19. Wine & dine in Paris ✓

Paris, Bucket List Experiences

Read about how we spent 24 hours in Paris here.

20. Toss a coin into the Trevi Fountain ✓

Rome, Bucket List Experiences

Check out my experience in Rome, making a wish for a swift return

21. Be in New York during Christmastime ✓

The Belvedere, New York

22. Watch wildlife in the Amazon ✓

Amazon River Cruise, Bucket List Experiences
Read about our time cruising the Amazon

23. Learn to Surf

24. Float in the Dead Sea ✓

Dead Sea, Bucket List Experiences

Read about our day at the Dead Sea here.

25. Ride a Motorbike in Southeast Asia ✓

Motorbike with XO Tours

I think it counts! Read about one of my favorite tours EVER — a food tour by motorbike in Vietnam.

26. Nosh on Truffles in Istria ✓

Karlic Tartufi, Truffle Hunting in Istria

Read about our experience exploring Istria’s hilltop towns.

27. Explore Angkor Wat in Cambodia ✓

Exploring Temples of Angkor Wat

Read about our 4 days in Siem Reap.

28. Visit Stonehenge in the UK ✓

Stonehenge, Bucket List Experiences
Check out my tour of Bath, Salisbury and Stonehenge in England

29. Eat Sushi in Japan

30. Island Hop in Greece ✓

4 Days in Mykonos
Always a favorite summer destination! Read about our month in the Cyclades, our trip to Rhodes + Symi, plus inspiration for itineraries in Greece!

31. Visit the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul ✓

Istanbul, Bucket List Experiences
At the mosque near the Spice Bazaar.

Read about our journey to Istanbul, including getting my shopping fix in Turkey.

32. Climb to Tiger’s Nest Monastery in Bhutan

33. Go Wine Tasting in Italy ✓

Wine Tasting in Tuscany

So much amazing wine tasting in Tuscany — which, as of 2022, is the location of Borgo San Vincenzo, our new hotel!

34. Explore the Souqs in Morocco ✓

Kasbah Tamadot, Atlas Mountains, One Week in Morocco

Beautiful souqs, amazing landscapes, and one week in Morocco with friends! Read up on three days in Marrakech for more inspo!

35. Drink a Mojito in Cuba

36. Walk through Petra ✓

Petra, Bucket List Experiences

Read about our amazing journey to Petra here.

37. Go on a culinary tour through Basque Country ✓

Espelette, 4 Towns to Visit in Pays Basque

Read about our culinary adventures in San Sebastian, plus French Basque Country!

38. Admire the views from a rooftop bar in Hong Kong

39. Cruise down the Nile River in Egypt ✓

Egyptian Pyramids: Saqqara

Check out my itinerary for two weeks in Egypt, including cruising down the Nile with Nour el Nil.

40. Nosh on tapas in Spain ✓

San sebastian, Bucket List Experiences
Read about our top pinxtos bars, and our wining and dining in San Sebastian.

41. Go on a hot air balloon ride ✓

Hot Air Ballooning in the Masai Mara

Who knew 2021 would be the year of ballooning?! We had an amazing balloon adventure in the Masai Mara + went hot air ballooning in the Agafay Desert in Morocco.

42. Zen out in Tibet

43. Follow the Silk Road to Uzbekistan

44. Go on a canal cruise in Amsterdam ✓

Amsterdam, Canal Bucket List Experiences
Cruising waterways with the fam in the Netherlands

45. Get an Arts Fix in Vienna ✓

5 Things to Do in Vienna

Read my take on 5 things to do on a quick trip to Vienna.

46. Wine Taste in Napa + Sonoma ✓

Napa, Bucket List Experiences
Winter Wineland in Wine Country.

47. Set foot on all seven continents

48. Overnight in an overwater bungalow

49. Visit a Tea Plantation in Sri Lanka

50. Release a wish lantern into the sky ✓

Wish lantern, Bucket List Experiences
Read about our destination wedding in Anguilla.

51. Spend the night in a Bedouin Camp ✓

Bedouin Camp, Bucket List Experiences

Read about our amazing overnight experience at Seven Wonders Bedouin Camp in Jordan.

52. Glimpse wildlife in Borneo

53. Delve into Cape Town, South Africa

A Perfect Day in Cape Town - The Wanderlust Effect

Read about our experience discovering the perfect day in Cape Town.

54. Explore Iran

55. Master a foreign language

Venice Italy

Not there yet… ma sto imparando l’italiano. Parleremo nel 2023 quando parlerò meglio l’italiano!

56. Go hang gliding ✓

Hang Gliding in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Read about my experience hang gliding in Rio de Janeiro.

57. Enjoy a family adventure in a foreign country ✓

Horseback riding in Ireland, Killarney National Park

Read about our family road trip through Ireland, and our 10 days in Greece for my sister’s engagement!

58. Go Gorilla Trekking in the Congo ✓

Gorilla Trekking in the Congo, The Wanderlust Effect

Read about our experiences gorilla trekking in the Congo‘s Virunga National Park.

59. Raise Globetrotting Kids

Kids aren’t a part of everyone’s journey — if you’re going through your own IVF journey or struggles, you’re def not alone! Read my 30 IVF Questions & Answers for First-Timers. I’ll update it soon with more knowledge and insight from five years on.