• Mission of Grace, Haiti

    What Haiti Taught Me About Joy

    If there was a theme for our trip to Haiti - a single word that captured the essence of our week volunteering with Mission of Grace - it was joy. It seems at odds that the poorest country in the Western hemisphere…

  • Mission of Grace, Haiti

    Haiti: On the Ground + Our Nerve-Racking Departure

    These are the headlines we've been waking up to as of late: The news is finally picking up on the violent protests and conflict happening in Haiti. Roads are blocked, missionaries and medical teams are trying to evacuate, food and…

  • Southeast Asia, The Wanderlust Effect

    2019 Travels + Dream Escapes

    After a whirlwind 2018, I was prepared for a quieter 2019, especially when looking at our work schedule which we knew wouldn't allow us to get away quite as easily in the coming year. As of October, we had virtually…