• Boiling Lake Hike, Dominica

    Are Travel Memories Sugar-Coated?

    The value of recognizing good and not-so-good travel experiences "Oh my gosh, we spent time in the Amazon during our honeymoon, and it was spectacular!" "Yes, I've been to Barcelona - such a great city!" I hear myself saying things like this…

  • Dining in Dominica

    Dining in Dominica

    If you've been following the recap on our adventures in Dominica, you probably read my piece on why choosing your hotel and home base in Dominica is especially integral in mapping your adventures on the island. As I mentioned, the…

  • Navigating Dominica

    Lessons Learned from Dominica

    Choosing a Locale + Exploring the Island Coming from Anguilla, Scott and I entered Dominica with small island mentality, the wrong mindset with which to enter Dominica. At 29 miles long and 16 miles wide, Dominica is not small. In…