Interested in showcasing your property, destination, establishment or in highlighting unique experiences on The Wanderlust Effect? Have a great feature to share? Keep reading to find out how we may be able to work together.

Press Trips

Petra, Jordan

I am available for group press or blogger trips as well as individual trip experiences. The focus of my blog is to share authentic experiences with fellow travelers and to spotlight destinations, properties, restaurants, etc. along the way. If you represent a client who would be interested in a private or group press trip, feel free to contact me with dates and details.

Advertising Space

I offer a fixed number of advertising spaces on my blog to feature products and vendors that are relevant to this site. Typically, destinations, accommodations, travel-related apps and websites, and similar products will be a good fit. Ads begin at $50 per month.

Blog Coverage

When it comes to highlighting your product, genuine reviews tell your story and showcase your offerings better than a glossy ad. Extend an invite to experience your destination, services or product. As always, I will share my honest reviews with readers and help tell your story through my personal photographs and experiences. If you think your destination, product or service is a good fit for my blog and reader base, please contact me with details so we can discuss. You can also find me onTwitter | InstagramPinterest.


Your product, brand or service may need to add a face to your offerings. As a site focused on travel and cultural experiences, I am most interested in working with brands that help reflect that mission. Please email me at [email protected] to discuss opportunities to build a relationship as a brand ambassador.


If you’re looking to engage with readers and provide a giveaway that you think would resonate with international travelers, please contact me for placement. The giveaway will be shared through this blog and through all social media platforms. Giveaways should generally have a lifespan of 10 – 14 days.

Sponsored Posts and Features

If you are interested in guest posting and sharing information about your product, services, destination or property, please contact me for sponsored post placement. Please note that sponsored posts should be relevant to blog readers and add value to the current post base. Sponsored posts are billable and are labeled as guest posts when published.

If you have other ways in which you believe we can partner or to request a media kit, please contact me with details at [email protected].

Who I’ve Worked With

I’m a current contributor to Citizen-Femme, a women’s luxury travel guide, along cruise-focused website, Cruiseable, and I’ve worked with a variety of companies, tour operators, and photographers to help craft unique experiences around the world. Among others, I’ve had the pleasure of working with the following brands in different capacities. Click on the logo below to see the collaboration.

Stellenbosch Wine Routes

Blue Train Logo
Blog Collaboration - The Wanderlust Effect x EatWith
Blog Collaboration - The Wanderlust Effect x Salzburg Tourism Board




Abraham Tours, The Wanderlust EffectBlog Collaboration - The Wanderlust Effect x Walks of Italy



K Photography, The Wanderlust Effect              Vibe collection, The Wanderlust Effect                         Hello Travel Featured Blogger

ljubljananjamBlog Collaboration - The Wanderlust Effect x Uncommon GoodsIkusnahi Tours, K Photography CanvasPop, The Wanderlust Effect

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