Central America

  • D&D Brewery, Lago de Yojoa, Honduras

    D&D Brewery: Hosteling at Lago de Yojoa

    Everything we’d read about D&D Brewery was glowing. It was touted as an affordable lodge near Lago de Yojoa that serves up a wide selection of microbrews and helps travelers delve into the region through activities and adventures. By all…

  • Tela, Honduras

    Relaxing in Tela, Honduras

    Indura Resort + Exploring Tela, Atlántida We arrived at Indura at around 9:30PM, a stunning resort that’s a veritable oasis within the Honduran landscape. It’s an anomaly really, this gorgeously appointed property in a land of hostels and rustic accommodations. The…

  • Honduras: Initial Thoughts

    Arriving in Honduras: Initial Thoughts

    In reality, San Pedro Sula isn’t a huge distance from our home base in Anguilla, but once you’ve added in the travel time to St. Maarten and the connection time in Panama City, it ends up being a solid twelve-plus…