Central America

  • Mastering a Layover in Panama City

    Layover in Panama City {PTY}

    36 Hours in Panama City After our week in Honduras, we made our way back to St. Maarten via Panama City. Neither of us had spent any time in Panama City previously and it was a city that had intrigued…

  • Pulhapanzak Falls, Honduras

    Honduras: Media vs. Reality

    What's the 'world's most dangerous place' really like? Honduras' busiest airport is San Pedro Sula, a city in the northwest corner of the country. The city's been referred to as the most violent city in the world, with the highest murder rate…

  • Punta Sal, Honduras with Garifuna Tours

    Tela, Honduras: Exploring Punta Sal

    Discovering paradise with Garifuna Tours Gorgeous stretches of tan sand. Stunning, perfectly placed leafy palms. Turquoise and emerald waters lapping onto the shore. Monkeys bounding from tree to tree overhead. Landscape that looks like a blend of Caribbean perfection with…