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Wedding Weekend in Washington, D.C.

It feels like we’ve just returned from Dominica, but we’re getting ready and packing up for a long weekend stateside, spending a couple of days in Washington, D.C. with two days in Annapolis to follow. One of my good friends (pictured above with her fiancé in Anguilla) is tying the knot at the Naval Academy on Saturday evening; a wedding that’s sure to be worlds different than anything we’ve experienced to date (six sword salute, anyone?).

We knew we’d need to be in Annapolis from Friday through Sunday (I’m in the wedding so we’ll be there a bit early for pre-wedding festivities), so we added on an extra day to explore DC together. I’ve been to DC on one occasion so I’m excited to just take in the air and energy of the capital without the urgency of seeing every monument and every museum within the District. Scott lived in DC for a while during his graduate school days, so he’ll be taking the reigns during our 36 hours of exploration. We already have dinner reservations mapped out, plus I have my shopping lists organized lest we waste any time in the decision making process once we arrive.

On Friday morning, we get our rental car and head north to Annapolis for the wedding weekend. Once we arrive, we’re in for a slew of festivities from rehearsal ceremony and rehearsal dinner to the wedding itself and the morning-after festivities. It’ll be a whirlwind, but it’s one that we’re so incredibly excited to experience. Bonus: it’s also a mini LSE reunion!

In all honesty, the lead up to this wedding was one of the first moments that I noticed myself missing the US a bit. Not living in the US, but missing the little luxuries that we’d come to take for granted: going to Target and finding anything that you could ever imagine needing; popping into Trader Joe’s for whatever gluten-free, organic, raw, vegan items you could dream up (and not paying a fortune for them); the buzz of a city; the simple experience of going out to a restaurant – or better yet, a wine bar – where you can sip away, completely anonymous, entrenched in a conversation.

I would typically classify myself as more of a city person than a beach person if I had to choose. That’s not to say that I don’t love a sun-drenched getaway as much as the next girl, but I generally prefer the energy of a city. I think most people fall somewhere in the middle of that spectrum, and I’ve slowly begun appreciating the benefits of our beachy lifestyle since we’ve relocated to Anguilla. Still, I cherish those moments that we’re in a city and this trip has me counting down minutes until we’re DC bound.

xo from Anguilla,

Shannon Kircher

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