Ice Skating, Lake Tahoe

Weekend Escape: Lake Tahoe

My cousin and I started planning his trip from Malta to San Francisco months before his arrival. He didn’t have anything too specific on his list but he had one special request: a trip to Lake Tahoe. We were very fortunate in that Scott’s parents allowed us to use their place in Incline Village on Tahoe’s North Shore, making the trip infinitely more incredible than it would have been otherwise. The views of the lake are insanely gorgeous and despite the fact that there was zero snow for tubing, we ended up having an incredible weekend together.


Scott, Paul and I (along with another friend) headed up Friday night to get a head start on the weekend. We did dinner at our all-time favorite North Shore eatery, Bite, an American small plates spot that always gets us excited about a trip to the area.

My dad and my sister joined us on Saturday morning for the weekend. Since snow tubing (which is what we had planned for Saturday) was a no-go, so we opted to head down to Northstar Village for a little iceskating. For $5 a person (for skate rentals), it was a really difficult option to beat.


P. & I trying to ice skate!

Time for couples skate!

P. & my sister tearing it up!

We ended up spending a few hours hanging out at the village before heading back to the cabin for the remainder of the weekend. We did escape for an hour or so to grab dinner, but spent the day playing board games and having entirely too much fun playing Kinect. For anyone that hasn’t tried it out, it’s kind of like Wii but without a controller. It’s pretty brilliant and such a fun group game. I’m not much of a video gamer, but this is one that I could definitely get into!

Kinect dance off!

It was a fun bonding weekend and despite the lack of snow, it was as gorgeous as ever. After spending the week in the city, I think it was a nice escape from our normal fast-paced lifestyle to a relaxing lakeside setting. Even without snow, winters in Lake Tahoe are magical!


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