Festivals & Events

  • Culinary Conclave, Viceroy Anguilla

    Anguilla: Culinary Conclave

    Viceroy hosts their first Culinary Conclave Scott and I had planned on having dinner with some new friends on Friday and decided to forgo a typical restaurant for the evening and instead head to the Viceroy for their first annual…

  • Garth in Las Vegas

    Garth in Las Vegas

    Saturday in Vegas entailed a lot more than Garth, but that was definitely the focal point. The reason I had booked the trip centered around seeing this man perform live (checking one off of the bucket list!) so all other…

  • Bay to Breakers, San Francisco

    Bay to Breakers 2012

    As I mentioned yesterday, Sunday marked two special occasions: Scott's birthday and Bay to Breakers [click here to read about B2B 2011]. We had grandiose plans about a B2B Disney theme, but instead opted for a more feasible Mario Kart…