Sing Along at the Castro

The Castro Theatre: Sing-a-longs

Sing-a-longs are a bit nostalgic for me; I can’t help but think of dancing around my living room as a kid singing along to Disney Sing-a-longs that my mom would pop into the VCR. You guys remember these, right?

Well, when a friend proposed seeing The Little Mermaid Sing-a-long at the Castro Theatre, I knew there was no passing this up. The theatre hosts a variety of sing-a-longs throughout the year. We saw Grease earlier this year, and The Sound of Music is slated to  premier mid-November. The crowds are a mixed bunch; there were toddlers excited to see The Little Mermaid in theatre for the first time (who can blame them?), groups of girls reliving their favorite childhood memories (like us), and a notable population of gay men that were equally excited to get a goodie bag and sing along with Ariel & Co.

These events are actually a blast. They run $15 for adults ($10 for the kiddos), but they give you an awesome goodie bag (bubbles, crowns, necklaces, glow sticks, poppers) to join in the festivities. Plus, there’s a costume contest beforehand for children and adults. The kids costume parade was darling, but the adult costumes are really nothing short of entertaining. I’m not sure what creative license The Sound of Music will allow, but The Little Mermaid naturally calls for sequins and glitter. Male booty shorts were just an added bonus.

We never really venture down to the Castro because it’s difficult to get to from where we live, but it’s actually a really fun area with tons of fun dining options. We ended up eating at Chow before the movie and loved it (good food, good service and great prices). They have free corkage (cha-ching!) and most entrees are under $15 a pop. Talk about an affordable evening out in SF, right?

Have you been to the Sing-a-longs at the Castro Theatre?

xoxo from SF,

Shannon Falzon

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