Journey to Lima, Peru

Honeymoon: A First Class Experience to Lima

Amidst the flurry of wedding madness, we have had little time to focus on our honeymoon. We’ve embarked on our journey to Lima and have been feverishly reading our Frommer’s guide whilst making dinner reservations. Thus far, we’ve secured dinner reservations at Panchita and lunch reservations at Chez Wong. We’re giving ourselves room for spontaneity of course, but there’s also some comfort in knowing that we can get there and have a few things prepped and ready to go when we arrive. We’ll be in Lima tonight, staying at the Westin and then on to the Miraflores Park Hotel where we will conclude our stay in Lima.

Honeymoon in PeruHoneymoon in Peru

I actually love flying. I don’t like airports, but I quite like the experience of flying. Now, this was my first experience flying first class (‘Premium Business Class’ in the LAN world). To say I was impressed would be a vast understatement. So glam and luxe, it was unreal. I realize this is normal for many people who only fly first class, but I couldn’t help but giggle like a school kid when they would come around to refill my wine glass or offer me a complimentary copy of the Economist.

Honeymoon in Peru   Honeymoon in Peru

I looked at Scott and asked him to promise me one thing: that I would never forget that experience. I kept looking at him saying, ‘Wait– I can have any wine for free? I get all of this for dinner?! Do we need to pay for these movies?’ I’m sure I’ll be less enamored when flying first class one day (though I certainly hope not), but I never want to forget how fortunate we are and how fun the experience is. I mean, YOU GET A FREE COPY OF THE ECONOMIST.

Honeymoon in PeruHoneymoon in Peru

xoxo from 35,000 feet,

Shannon Kircher, The Wanderlust Effect

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