Nevis Hotel Round-Up: Nisbet Plantation

Nevis: Hotel Round-Up

Exploring Premier Hotels in Nevis

Just a 35 minute flight from Anguilla, Nevis provided us with a quick escape with a scene totally different from that of our home island. Beyond one mega hotel on the island, the other properties we visited were on the smaller side, and many have sprouted out of historical buildings which added a unique layer to each establishment.

We toured a handful of properties during our stay to get a sense of each; general vibe, dining options, formality, and characteristics. What we found were a series of properties that each offered their own draw with distinctly different feels and unique personalities.

Montpelier Plantation & Beach | The Luxury Boutique Choice

Nevis Hotel Round-Up: Montpelier Plantation

Knowing we wanted to spend a long weekend on Nevis, we evaluated some of the island’s top properties to find the one that best fit our style. For us, Montpelier Plantation was the best fit. With just 19 rooms, Montpelier is Nevis’ equivalent of Frangipani, with a handful of distinctly different elements.

To me, beachfront isn’t a necessity in Nevis (or a factor at all, in all honesty) so Montpelier’s location was as perfect as any other for us. Going into our trip, the location wasn’t a deal breaker – or maker – for us with any property. The island is easy enough to explore with a rental car and great restaurants are scattered around different areas of the island.

The location wasn’t a deal breaker – or maker – for us with any property. The island is easy enough to explore with a rental car and great restaurants are scattered around the island.

At Montpelier, the common areas are the stars. We chose to stay in a standard room which was comfortably appointed and perfect for what we needed, but it was the lobby, the bar and the pool area that really wowed us. The grounds are expansive and incredibly well maintained. The pool, a long stretch perfectly outfitted with comfortable sun loungers with close proximity to the bar, is the perfect complement to the Caribbean heat. Nevis’ beaches didn’t do much to impress so I found the pool to generally be more of a draw than the sea. For those that do prefer some beach time, Montpelier has an off-site beach that guests can enjoy, and the resort provides shuttle service for guests interested in spending the day there.

Nevis Hotel Round-Up: Montpelier PlantationNevis Hotel Round-Up: Montpelier Plantation

The Great Room brings serious warmth and charm to the property, acting as the heart of the hotel. In the evenings, guests cozied up in chairs, on sofas, or at the bar, sipping hand crafted cocktails while hors d’oeuvres were served complimentary. The food and beverage scene at Montpelier makes an impression, especially for most Caribbean visitors that discount dining in the region. Our breakfasts were great, our dinner at Mill Privée was incredibly memorable, and our nightly bites during cocktail hours were icing; a nice touch that really upped the evening’s feel. Overall, we found the vibe a bit more formal than many other island’s we’ve visited, which was something that surprised us. I expected a vibe slightly less formal than Anguilla but generally found the island wore a noticeably more British feel.  Men often wore slacks and close-toed shoes at night (some wore jackets, too) and women were well dressed and coiffed for a Caribbean escape. Then again, Princess Diana stayed here on a trip to Nevis, so could I expect anything less than a regal feel?

Nevis Hotel Round-Up: Montpelier PlantationNevis Hotel Round-Up: Montpelier Plantation

STAY: Montpelier PlantationSt Johns Parish, St. Kitts & Nevis
Room rates begin at $225 per night in low season

Nisbet Plantation Beach Club | The Fan Favorite

Nevis Hotel Round-Up: Nisbet Plantation

Nisbet Plantation was shortlisted for our escape after hearing rave reviews from our own hotel guests in years past. Of all the hotels in Nevis, Nisbet is the one that most intrigued us as hoteliers. Above all others, Nisbet has time and time again proven their marketing prowess and ability to secure high rankings in nearly every major travel publication. What is it that makes people fawn over this place, we wondered.

We took an afternoon to head over the property to find out. The property was originally a sugar plantation before becoming a coconut plantation, and the property has existed in its current form as a hotel for 25+ years. The grounds are expansive, from the entrance through a large stretch of grass lined with palms (aptly dubbed ‘Avenue of the Palms’) where the rooms are housed. The rooms we saw are more like individual cottage/bungalows and dot the stretch up until the beachfront where a beach bar and sitting area allow guests and visitors to take in sunset views. Nevis isn’t known for its beaches and probably wouldn’t be a traveler’s go-to island when looking for a beach destination but Nisbet’s beach was one of the best that we saw during our time on the island.

The resort definitely had a charm about it but it felt as though there was an X factor that we couldn’t grasp just from looking at the property’s facade. All of our guests who have stayed at Nisbet speak highly of the staff and service, something we couldn’t experience in a mere half hour exploring. Nisbet’s pricing includes breakfast plus dinner (guests can sub lunch for dinner if they choose) and the gist we got was that many guests there spend a huge amount of time at the resort rather than exploring the island. For visitors that prefer to stay put and have access to beach, pool, and dining without leaving the property, Nisbet provides the perfect blend of all of those within one property.

Nevis Hotel Round-Up: Nisbet Plantation
Golden hour at Nisbet Plantation

Nevis Hotel Round-Up: Nisbet Plantation

STAY: Nisbet Plantation, New Castle, St. Kitts & Nevis
Room rates begin at $435 per night and include breakfast and either dinner or lunch

Golden Rock Plantation Inn | The Mod Plantation Hotel

Nevis Hotel Round-Up: Golden Rock Inn

It was the dining that drew us in, but it was the atmosphere that kept us coming back for more. With only four nights in Nevis, Golden Rock Inn quickly rose to the top of our list of dinner musts after researching dining on the island. Travelers universally raved about Golden Rock’s lunch where a lobster sandwich paired with a rum punch is de rigueur, but the dinner menu was what initially brought us to the plantation inn during our second night on the island.

Dimly lit by candles on the pool deck, the setting melds jungly Caribbean vibes with a romantic Moroccan inspired feel. The menu managed to reflect the same: a vegetarian tagine, Berbere-spiced lamb, and other entrees with Middle Eastern inspired spices served along rum cocktails. Scott described it best when he explained that Golden Rock is Nevisian plantation meets Andy Warhol. I laughed at the description but it’s pretty on point: the hotel is a converted plantation that brings local charm, but is punctuated by bright pops throughout that bring a modern feel. With just 11 rooms, each accommodation feels wonderfully secluded spread out amongst the estate. Poolside dining or an afternoon by the pool are perfect excuses to congregate for those wanting a social hour.

And that lobster sandwich? Worth putting on the lunch list.

Dimly lit by candles on the pool deck, Golden Rock Inn melds jungly Caribbean vibes with a romantic Moroccan feel.

Nevis Hotel Round-Up: Golden Rock InnNevis Hotel Round-Up: Golden Rock InnNevis Hotel Round-Up: Golden Rock Inn

STAYGolden Rock InnGingerland, Nevis
Room rates begin at around $200 per night

Four Seasons Nevis | The Mega Resort

Nevis Hotel Round-Up: Four Seasons Nevis

Four Seasons is a universally recognized luxury hotel brand, and their Nevis location was their first in the Caribbean (Anguilla is the second). It’s what you would expect from a Four Seasons: a statement entry way, gorgeous common spaces, and a resort feel. The resort has both pool and beach, and with nearly 200 rooms, there are multiple dining options to keep guests happy on site for an extended stay.

If we were traveling to Nevis as a family, Four Seasons would work its way to the top of the list with plenty on offer for all ages, including their Kids for All Seasons program. Despite its large size, the aesthetic does wrap in a West Indian feel to make it seem slightly less corporate and more in tune with the destination. While I love a major luxury brand as much as the next girl, I tend to find large resorts on small islands a bit misplaced. That being said, for families or large groups, Four Seasons is a great option with brand recognition that provides peace of mind.

Nevis Hotel Round-Up: Four Seasons Nevis
Part of the beach at Four Seasons Nevis

Nevis Hotel Round-Up: Four Seasons NevisNevis Hotel Round-Up: Four Seasons Nevis

STAYFour Seasons Nevis, Pinney’s Beach, St. Kitts & Nevis
Room rates begin at $475 per night

Hermitage Nevis | The West Indian Gem

Nevis Hotel Round-Up: Hermitage Plantation

Family owned and distinctly West Indian, the Hermitage is a place that’s easy to fall in love with. We ventured there for a stop on our tour with Funky Monkey and were immediately enchanted. Hermitage Estate is unique within the hotel landscape. Built in 1640, Hermitage was a small wooden planter’s home and is now believed to be the oldest existing wooden building in the Lesser Antilles. It doesn’t bring the ruination and grandeur of some of the major plantation estates (a lá Montpelier) but instead brings a distinct warmth and charm that will have visitors feeling like they fell into a local home.

The Gingerbread Cottage guest rooms are replicas of West Indian homes, bringing colorful Caribbean pops to the landscape. The lobby and dining spaces were homey, a perfect and peaceful place to unwind with a cup of coffee and a book.

The hotel celebrates the culture in a beautiful and unpretentious way.

Scott visited Hermitage nearly a decade ago and still remembered their bar and dining space fondly. The hotel celebrates the culture in a beautiful and unpretentious way, a perfect escape for travelers looking for something that highlights the destination in an approachable setting.

Nevis Hotel Round-Up: Hermitage Plantation
The bar at Hermitage Plantation

Nevis Hotel Round-Up: Hermitage PlantationNevis Hotel Round-Up: Hermitage PlantationNevis Hotel Round-Up: Hermitage Plantation

STAY: The Hermitage Nevis, Pond Hill, St. Kitts & Nevis
Room rates begin at $150 per night

We loved Montpelier as a home base; it captured a luxe Nevisian feel with all of the right touches, in a setting that felt better suited to adults than families (a good thing for us at this point in life). Each property felt distinctly different though, offering a wealth of accommodations that span a range of vibes and price points. No doubt about it, there’s a place in Nevis for every traveler.

Which hotel intrigues you most? If you’ve been to Nevis, which hotel did you love?

Shannon Kircher, The Wanderlust Effect

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