Indura Resort, Tela, Honduras

Countdown to Honduras

My parents have now come and gone (I’ll post some highlights shortly!), and we’re beginning the final countdown to our #SibTrip in Honduras. It’s been a decade since my last time traveling in Central America, and the region holds a special place in my heart. I visited family in El Salvador ten years ago, which marked my first international trip ever. It gave me the opportunity to delve deeper into my cultural heritage and see firsthand where my grandmother was born and raised. That journey in particular marked a rather aha! moment for me, observing the realities of the class structure in developing countries. It was jarring and raw, and that experience played prominently in my desire to pursue International Development further as a field of study. It also incited my desire to travel within the developing world to gain a deeper understanding of both the beauty and the obstacles that individual nations experience, from conflict and corruption to roles of family units and community development.

I think our experience in Honduras will probably be slightly less raw since we’re opting for posh digs at Indura Resort in lieu of a hostel, but we will be balancing that by spending a couple of days at Lago de Yojoa, and will be venturing out while in Tela to better understand the native Garifuna community that resides in the region.

Honduras Packing List

Indura Resort, Honduras

Now that we’re only a couple of days out, we’re loading up our suitcases as our impending getaway becomes more real. I truly can’t recall the last time that I felt so ready for a trip. This will be one of the first real vacations that we’ve taken in a while, and beyond a couple of days of cultural immersion we’re really on a mission to relax which is a surprisingly welcome change from our typical on-the-go adventures (e.g. Jordan, Israel, Kenya, etc.). We’re fortunate to have had a wonderfully busy year at the resort which has kept us constantly on the go since the season began. A weeklong deep breath will definitely help revive us a bit!

Also exciting, I’m fulfilling one of my New Year’s Travel Resolutions: we’re going away for 7 days and we’re each packing carry-on only. FINALLY. I’ve made this a mission for so long and have failed miserably most times. Since we’re primarily packing shorts, bathing suits and cover ups, packing light has been a cinch this time around. For anyone traveling to the region, I thought I’d share my list with you (courtesy of the Travel List App), which seems to cover all of our activities and the laid back seaside vibe pretty well:

Packing for Honduras

I can’t wait to share photos and thoughts from our time in Central America. Stay tuned, and for more up-to-date photos and details, follow me on Instagram and Twitter to stay apprised of Honduran happenings!

xo from the islands,

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