Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Cabo Recap {Day 3}

The majority of our trip to Cabo revolved around laying by the pool and eating out, truly a cruel mix of activities for women everywhere (who doesn’t love prancing around in a bikini after a hearty portion of fish tacos, right?).

Wednesday involved more poolside relaxation than any of the other days; we even opted for lunch from the pool menu (surprisingly good, by the way). After having a bit of culture infused into our day on Tuesday, I felt less of a need to get out and explore on Wednesday. I was finally okay with just hanging, soaking up the sunshine and enjoying frozen drinks without judgement. When men are sipping frozen chocolatey rum drinks through straws, you know your fruity drinks are in good company.

We posted up in our favorite chairs, catching up on reading and chatting with fellow Casa Doradians. We met a number of people who frequented Cabo and had insight on restaurant musts. We had hotly debated going to Hacienda Cocina. It’s ranking and reviews were decidedly good, which was simultaneously a draw and a deterrent (did we really want to go to the spot that every other tourist was going to be visiting, too?). After our chat with other guests, we were persuaded: Hacienda was a must.

Hacienda Cocina, Cabo, Mexico

We cleaned up that evening and opted to walk down to dinner in lieu of taking a cab; a somewhat treacherous walk in heels but the view was gorgeous and the weather was too perfect to take a taxi. En route to dinner, we stopped at Edith’s, an alleged institution in the area, to make reservations for our final night in Cabo. We put our names in and glanced at the menu (the menu pricing isn’t available online) before making our way to dinner at Hacienda Cocina.

Hacienda Cocina, Cabo, MexicoHacienda Cocina, Cabo, Mexico

The view from the restaurant was spectacular and the ambiance was exactly what we were hoping. We had taken a quick glance at the menu before heading over and I was personally thrilled to see that 50% of the seafood-heavy menu was fair game for me. After our requisite mojito (mine) and michelada (his), we moved onto ordering. Instead of opting for heavier entrees, we decided to grab sharable starters to try a range of their options. We ended up splitting tortilla soup (maybe the best tortilla soup I’ve ever had), marlin empanadas, tuna crudo, and a specialty octopus starter. Everything was amazing (this was clearly a theme during our trip) and we were shocked when our bill came in under $90. We were in arguably one of the prettiest settings, we were able to dress up and not look out of place and had a truly fantastic meal with friendly service for under $50 per person. We immediately re-evaluated our decision to head to Edith’s the following night and made follow up reservations at the Hacienda for round two (more on that tomorrow).

We decided that Wednesday night was a good night to head out and enjoy a dose of nightlife, something we hadn’t done much since we’d arrived. We really made the rounds, making a first stop at Nowhere Bar before continuing on to Cabo Wabo. There was no way we could be in Cabo and not check out Cabo Wabo — as a newbie to the region, it was a must. We spent a fair bit of time there, listening to music and dancing. Afterwards, we headed to Squid Roe (and back to Nowhere Bar for a bit) to sneak a peak before heading home.

All in all, another fab night in Cabo complete with Grade A food and frothy frozen margs. How do you beat that?


Shannon Kircher, The Wanderlust Effect

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