• Gordo Lee, Cabo, Mexico

    Mexican Getaway: Day Three in Cabo

    We spent Thursday in Cabo doing a bit of exploring and picking up souvenirs. We explored station after station, meeting a slew of vendors and picking up some well-received tokens for family in California. After our shopping adventures, we stopped…

  • Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

    Cabo Recap {Day 3}

    The majority of our trip to Cabo revolved around laying by the pool and eating out, truly a cruel mix of activities for women everywhere (who doesn't love prancing around in a bikini after a hearty portion of fish tacos,…

  • Casa Dorada, Cabo, mexico

    Viva Mexico: Snapshots from Cabo

    We're currently enjoying our last full day in Mexico and suffice it to say that it's exceeded my expectations in nearly every way. Being from California, most of my conceptions of Cabo involved drunken college weeks taking tequila shots in…