Gifts for the Traveler 2018

2018 GIFT GUIDE // Gifts For the Traveler

It’s officially December, which means planning for the holiday season is in full swing! Gift giving and brainstorming the perfect present for each person in my life is one of my absolute favorite things, and as some of my family members grow ever-more interested in jet setting it makes it doubly fun to research the best gifts for globetrotters. Below, I’m sharing my favorite gifts for the traveler in your life, from the best subscriptions to tangible musts including budget-friendly buys and splurge-worthy luxuries.

I should mention that Scott and I don’t do gifts, at least not physical ones! Since we’ve been married we’ve done away with gift giving and instead ‘gift’ each other experiences, typically a holiday trip (like last year’s trip to celebrate Christmas in Tallinn and our previous adventure celebrating Christmas in Quebec City) or a getaway further on the horizon to keep the planning and excitement going. That being said, I’d be thrilled with any of the gifts on my list below! ?

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links which means that if you choose to click through and purchase, I’ll make a small commission at no additional cost to you. Happy shopping! 

Luggage + In-Flight Amenities

Gifts for the Traveler 2018

CalPack Ambeur Carry-On // Let’s start by talking luggage. For me, spendy checked bags are hard to justify because I don’t have total control of how well they’re pampered during travel. Carry-ons on the other hand are worth the investment to me for two reasons. Firstly, they’re in your control during travel which means you can make sure they’re actually taken care of. Secondly, if you’re like me and try to travel with a carry-on only, it’s really your most used and most valuable piece of luggage. And the reality is that you need a great carry-on that can help you organize and maximize your packing if you’re going with just one piece. While softer and more malleable bags can be easier when you’re dealing with strict international restrictions on luggage size, I find that a good roll aboard is my ideal. This CalPack version comes in a range of colors, has a lock, four wheels for easy spinning, and versatile inner compartments. {$135}

Gin & Tonic Carry-on Cocktail Kit // I adore these kits for easy gifts for the travelers in your life! The G&T kit is a staple, but there’s also options for building your own Moscow Mule, Old Fashioned, or Champagne cocktail. A perfect way to make flying economy feel a bit elevated! {$24 each}

Travel Cable Organizer // This simple electronics kit isn’t glamorous or sexy but it’s crazy useful for those of you who find yourself digging through wads of cords. I keep mine pre-packed with iPhone chargers, bases, external power ports, Kindle chargers, thumb drivers, extra SD cards and more. I’ve gifted this exact item before because it’s such a simple but practical find! {$14.99}

Travel Tech

Life Print
LifePrint – print videos from afar!

LifePrint Remote Printer // Full disclosure: one of Scott’s friends is the man behind this magic, but even if he wasn’t I’d still be in awe of the technology in this printer. Fundamentally, LifePrint is a printer but in practice it’s the one of the coolest and most advanced printer concepts I’ve ever seen. Download the app, send your image to any LifePrint printer and it prints out a physical print for you. That’s awesome in and of itself, but add augmented reality to the mix and it’s upping the game in a whole new way. You can effectively print a VIDEO on this printer. Viewing the print through the LifePrint app brings the video to life. MIND BLOWN. {$149.99}

Unidapt Universal Travel Adapter // This is legitimately the most useful adapter you will ever own and it’s worth every penny! We take this block with us everywhere, and between the universal outlet options and the USB ports it’s proven extremely useful during our global escapades. {$17.95}

FitBit Alta // I struggled with finding a fitness tracker that didn’t feel too clunky. The FitBit Alta was actually gifted to me for Christmas a couple of years back and I wear it every single day, without fail. It’s the perfect size for women that don’t want anything too sporty, and these metal bands make it feel like a piece of jewelry. {$79.95, straps around $10}

Accessories for Travel

GIFT GUIDE // Gifts for the Traveler 2018

Slip Silk Eye Mask // Don’t knock it until you try it! I always scoffed at women who slipped on an eye mask during flight but I’m totally one of them now, and I’m not embarrassed about it. I adore my Iluminage eye mask (sold out right now), but this Slip version is fabulous; silky, thick and available in a variety of colors. Great on the plane or when you need your own blackout curtain substitute. {$50}

Tory Burch Leather Camera Bag // I’m not a big spender when it comes to accessories, but as time passes I’m beginning to better grasp the concept of ‘investment pieces’ that withstand the test of time in terms of quality and style. This Tory Burch camera bag is a great miniature cross body perfect for a couple of key items when you’re out at night. The style that I have is actually a bit larger (it was on sale; now sold out) but I always like to pack a small cross body for nights out when we’re on the go (big enough for a phone, credit cards and a lipstick). The Devon Sand and Seashell colors are the perfect neutrals! {$248}

Longchamp ‘Le Pliage’ Bag // I’ll admit it: I resisted. Everyone under the sun has the Longchamp ‘Le Pliage’ tote and I finally – finally! – succumbed as we prepped for our trip to Egypt. I love the simplicity and chicness of the style, but more importantly loved that it zipped and buttoned across the top so I could easily walk through crowded markets without worrying about having an open bag. I adore this bag for travel (purchase the ‘Le Pliage’ pouchette for extra functionality), and am gifting it to two special people this season! {Pouchette, $50; Bags from $95 – $225+}

Services + Subscriptions

EatWith — one of our favorite unique experiences!

SkyRoam WiFi Hub // For frequent travelers sans international data plans, the SkyRoam WiFi hub is a godsend. There’s a one-off fee of $140 to purchase the device and then it’s $10 per day that it’s activated. It provides WiFi connectivity for up to 5 devices and the new model is also a charging hub for additional functionality.

Barre3 Subscription // I’m always touting my love affair with Barre3. It is my all time favorite go-to workout and it can truly be done anywhere – at home, in your hotel room, in a gym. For some workouts you’ll want a few props, but there are plenty that don’t require any props for an easy travel-friendly sweat sesh. {Get $10 off with the link!}

Lounge Buddy Pass // For frequent travelers that are on a budget, a lounge experience can make the dreaded long layover enjoyable. Many frequent flyers that are loyal to an alliance will have access to specific lounges due to status (or credit card perks), but Lounge Buddy allows you to purchase gift cards for friends and family members that may otherwise not have lounge access on the regular. Their app gives you access to information on 800+ lounges around the globe for instant access to nearest lounges at your fingertips. {$35 – $50}

EatWith Gift Certificate // Scott and I had our first official experience with EatWith in Venice in 2017 and it was such a cool experience; perfect for anyone wanting an evening that truly helps you feel like you’re getting local insight. The concept is simple: find your destination and then purchase your seat at a table of a local home. Sometimes the hosts are professional chefs but often they’re passionate cooks with a desire to engage. Use code CB8A1432 for $12 credit on EatWith!

Pretty Little Things

Gifts for Travelers 2018

JetSet Candy Luggage Tag Jewelry // I’m so excited to be carrying AXA luggage tags at Petals Boutique now, but I discovered JetSet Candy as a travel-loving consumer in love with this gorgeous jewerly concept. You can wear a single luggage tag, layer them up, or collect a series of pieces that represent your favorite destination. It’s a perfect gift to represent a favorite city, hometown, a special memory/celebration, or an upcoming move!

AMOREPACIFIC Travel Essentials // AMOREPACIFIC is one of the world’s most lust-worthy brands but with product pricing in the same league as La Mer, it’s a splurge. The Travel Essentials Kit comes with trial sized versions of The Essential Creme Fluid, the Sun Protection Mis, Sun Protection Cushion and Natural Protector SPF in a neat little package. {$48}

54 Wine Aroma Master Kit // For the travelers in your life that love a good wine tasting trip (I mean, who doesn’t?!), a bit of wine education can get you extra geared up for an adventure sipping vino around the globe. The Wine Aroma Master Kit includes 54 vials of scents that wine aficionados would recognize in wines, and provides some insight to help you learn more about what you’re drinking. For those of us that live in places where wine education is limited, it’s basically the independent study of wine education. {$399}

What’s on your wish list this year? Any other gifts that you’d recommend for the travel in your life?

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