Weekend Trip: Pozo Stampede

A few months ago, I talked about mini vacays vs. big excursions and asked you guys which you thought was a more satisfying way to spend your hard-earned cash. While I tend to lean towards the idea of a big adventure, as a realist, mini getaways are more feasible all around. We’ve been on a mini vacay roll this year: we already have Tahoe, Sonoma, and Tampa under our belts and have San Antonio slated for next month! But, lest I get ahead of myself, I’m going to focus on this coming weekend: Pozo

In an attempt to find Eli Young Band tickets for a gift for Boat Shoe Boy a few months back, I stumbled upon the Pozo Stampede, taking place in Central California. Eli Young will be there, of course, along with Dierks Bentley, Will Hoge and a few others that I’m not overly familiar with. Pozo, a town that no one has really heard of, is about 25 miles inland from San Luis Obispo. It’s home to one real event venue (and maybe enough people to fill that venue) where they host a number of artists throughout the year. I laughed when I initially saw it, but after re-thinking it, thought it could be a fun little getaway. Perhaps head down, stay in San Luis Obispo and then head into No Man’s Land to catch the afternoon concert? When I brought it up to Boat Shoe Boy (and had his relative commitment to the concert), we roped in our partners in crime, D. & J., another couple that’s always happy to join on any adventure.

After going back and forth on camping, hotels, dates, etc. we have finally somewhat organized our trip for the epicly American weekend that is about to ensue:

1. Rent an amazing RV/Chariot of Dreams from El Monte RV and drive to Pozo, CA.
2. Post up near the Pozo Saloon upon arrival.
3. Wake up in Pozo on Saturday morning.
4. Attend Pozo Stampede on Saturday afternoon.
5. Attempt to do all things American during the remaining time of RV rental.

We initially laughed off the idea of renting an RV when someone proposed it, but after giving it a second thought, figured it might be a fun idea. An adventure, at the very least. After discovering how affordable it is, we opted in. Now, with three days left until we head down the coast, I’m on the hunt for some American flag fanny packs.


xoxo from San Francisco,

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