Hang Gliding in Rio de janeiro, Brazil

VIDEO: Hang Gliding in Rio de Janeiro

Hang Gliding in Rio with Quem Fly

You’ll recall that I posted photos and my experience hang gliding with Marcos Sempayo of Quem Fly about a week ago, but I was still working on what I was going to do with editing the video. After a few days of realizing that my video editing skills are not the greatest, I gave up on making this into something fancy (I had big dreams here!), and simply deferred to YouTube.

Below you can see a clipped version of my experience hang gliding in Rio, sailing over the Tijuca Forest + a gorgeous stretch of beach. It was an absolute dream.

Also, there were a few moments during the video that we took photos so you’ll see us randomly stick our arms out (Christ the Redeemer style), smile for a few moments looking into the camera, and give the GoPros a good ol’ carioca thumbs up. It’s kind of goofy to watch but it was also such a fabulous memory that I couldn’t help but share!

Have you been hang gliding? Did you find it frightening or exhilarating? 

Shannon Kircher

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