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Travel Style Guide: Saba, Dutch West Indies

Where + Wear: A Rustic Caribbean Escape

As a female traveler, I constantly find myself searching for the same information prior to a trip: what do I wear? The crux is this: what’s the appropriate travel style for the destination that I’m about to explore that will allow me to look decent in photos without being inappropriately dressed for the landscape and situation? There are cultural customs to keep in mind, climate, landscape and topography, general dressiness of a locale and practicality. Check out this guide – and other travel style guides in this series – for packing inspiration.

Join me in sharing your thoughts and tips for packing and travel fashion with a series of destinations around the globe. Download this quickie cheat sheet of travel style inspiration for Saba, a 5 sq. mile island in the northern Caribbean. Beyond backing information, you’ll find a snapshot of tips on where to stay, plus highlights on the miniature island. Pin this guide for a quick reference before your getaway to the Caribbean!

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Download the Saba Travel Style Guide | The Wanderlust Effect  for easy reading on iPad.

Vibe + Packing Tips

Mt. Scenery, Saba
Daytime adventures abound in Saba – bring your activewear!

Picture a postcard Caribbean getaway, with swathes of white sand beaches where you can sip frozen cocktails from sun up to sun down.

That’s not Saba. That’s not even close to being Saba.

Saba doesn’t technically have any beaches, and the island eschews the typified luxurious R&R-focused Caribbean escape and instead caters to the more active traveler. A mere five square miles with about 2000 inhabitants, you’re more likely to see backpackers heading to their next hike and divers prepping to search the waters for abundant sea life.

The town of Windwardside is the charming hub of tourist activity, with a cascade of red-roofed homes that are perfectly groomed. The town is easily – and best – explored on foot, with quirky shops and casual eateries dotting the main thoroughfare.

The town is easily – and best – explored on foot, with quirky shops and casual eateries dotting the main thoroughfare.

While there is one restaurant on the island that could represent an excuse to get dressed up (Eden), Saba is generally an extremely casual island, and a no judgement zone owing to its laissez-faire, anything-goes vibe. You’d stand out more as being overdressed than under dressed here (it’s the only trip I’ve been on where I didn’t bring wedges). Shorts, tanks and tees, and walking shoes are great at all times, and a hat will help keep you protected from the rays during your jaunts about town.

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Destination Inspiration

Saba Island Tour
Welcome to Saba, home of the world’s shortest landing strip

Have you been to Saba? What are your recommendations for a getaway to the tiny Caribbean island? 


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