• Giving birth in Malta

    Giving Birth in Malta: Kaia’s Birth Story

    Who Knew Birth Could Be a Positive Experience? It's somehow been seven weeks since I welcomed Kaia into the world, and it simultaneously feels like a split second and a million years; a crazy time warp. Most of the time,…

  • Maltese Heritage Trip, 10 Things to Do in Malta

    A Heritage Trip to Malta

    What I Learned about Maltese Tourism and Island Heritage I hadn’t really considered our week in Malta a ‘vacation’ per se; more of a Maltese heritage trip meets reconnaissance mission. With Compass & Vine I’ve dreamt of putting together luxury…

  • Maltese Passport

    Maltese-American Dual Citizenship

    Celebrating my new Maltese passport You guys, I'm not even entirely sure where to start. I've been going through the process of obtaining a second citizenship for so long that it still feels surreal to have made it through this…