Apple Hill

  • Wine Tasting in Apple Hill

    Apple Hill: Wine Tasting for Nana’s 88th

    I'm currently in San Diego, mentally making notes of all of the adventures I want to recap from our incredible trip home. We started our adventures in San Francisco, made our way to Napa, headed back to SF, made our…

  • Apple Hill, El Dorado County

    Day Trip: Wine Tasting in El Dorado County

    When people think about wine tasting in California, thoughts typically drift to vineyard-drenched Napa Valley where the wineries are plentiful and the wine is famously good. Far less attention is paid to El Dorado County where wineries are intermixed with Apple…

  • Apple Hill, El Dorado County

    Day Trip: Wine Tasting

    [caption id="attachment_7499" align="alignleft" width="300"] Placerville, CA[/caption] After a successful excursion in Placerville (and Apple Hill), I've decided that Scott should be the unofficial Director of Tourism for the area. While I have had friends who have headed to Apple Hill for…