President’s Day Weekend: Snowy Tahoe

Pretty Northstar!

Three day weekends are always a perfect excuse for an extended weekend getaway and President’s Day Weekend was no exception. We had headed up to Tahoe to ring in the New Year but there was absolutely zero snow during that excursion. With snow finally on the ground and Northstar awaiting our arrival, Boat Shoes and I headed up to Tahoe’s North Shore and were joined by a group of friends on Friday evening.

By all accounts, I’m much more of a summer person than a winter person. I love sunshine and warmth and am a bit averse to rain, cold, slush, etc. Yes, I think snow is pretty but I also think it’s terribly cold and a bit of a pain to walk in (it’s much prettier when you’re staring at it from inside a toasty cabin). For that reason, I never really took to snowboarding and skiing much, but this weekend I decided to give snowboarding a whirl for the first time!

Heading up to the mountain!

Admittedly, I was more than a little frustrated during the first part of the day. Call me crazy, but falling repeatedly and taking 25 minutes to get down a bunny slope isn’t really what I had in mind. After a brief lesson and some guidance from Boat Shoe Boy, though, I was actually kind of getting the hang of it by the end of the day. Though I’d have a difficult time spending $90+ for lift tickets the next few times I’m up there, I’d definitely hit up a nearby (read: less expensive) slope to hone my skills a bit more. For anyone in that same boat, check out Diamond Peak or Mt. Rose for more affordable tickets. 🙂

With my instructor -- still smiling AFTER our day of snowboarding!

Our friends joined us later that evening and while I wasn’t able to snowboard Saturday or Sunday (people aren’t kidding when they say that you’re going to be sore in places you didn’t know existed after your first attempt at boarding), we had an incredible weekend! We all headed to Northstar together on Saturday and embarked on an evening out after a day in the snow. After a mediocre dinner at Spindleshanks (lesson learned, Bite will always be the go-to dinner spot up there), we headed to the ever-so-classy Crystal Bay Club where I lost some cash playing the nickel slots (clearly, I’m a big time gambler) and Boat Shoes won some playing big boy games.

Lady love at Northstar.

Sunday brought a day of relaxation. While the other kiddos spent their day on the slopes, Boat Shoes and I hit up the Squeeze In in Truckee for brunch and spent a day lounging.

Building a snowman!

 To cap off a perfect weekend, we cooked in on Sunday night, played boardgames — girls won, of course! — and enjoyed our last night in always-gorgeous Tahoe before saying goodbye on Monday morning. All in all, an incredible weekend with an amazing group!

Goodbye, Tahoe!

What did you guys do for the three-day weekend? Was anyone else in Tahoe?


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