Best Cocktails for Holiday

Perfect holiday cocktails

5 cocktails {& recipes} to kick start your summer holiday

Guest post by Amanda Walters

Holidays are the perfect time to relax and embrace your holiday in its fullest sense, enjoying all the perks that come with your summer break. Most people flock to a warmer climate for a well-deserved holiday full of sun, sea, sand and colorful cocktails.

If you’re planning a beach-based holiday, cocktails are almost an essential part of the vacation recipe. They are the epitome of a truly relaxing break that encourages holidaymakers to enjoy themselves and the benefits that a holiday brings with it. Here’s a rundown of our favorite cocktails for your beach break. Which one’s your favorite?

Pina Colada

Photo courtesy of matryosha via Creative Commons

1Nothing screams ‘beach vacation’ quite like a pina colada. Coconut is a popular flavour and the reason why this cocktail is so commonly chosen above other varieties. The cocktail is smooth and creamy and is just as refreshing. The presentation of this drink is typical of a holiday beverage, with the crushed ice, tall glass and decorative umbrella. The pineapple juice and rum alongside the coconut make it incredibly easy to drink. {Make it at home.}


Photo courtesy of Dulcedo Blog via Creative Commons

2Mojitos can be more of an acquired taste due to the large amount of mint that is muddled to make the beverage, but its refreshing and crisp taste makes it the ideal cool down after a lengthy sunbathing session. The white rum and lime juice make it a simple cocktail that combines a sweet taste with the intensity of the mint. {Make it at home.}


3The popularity of this cocktail is not just restricted to the beach resorts that holidaymakers flock to. It is an iconic drink across the globe and is known for its classy and elegant appeal. Vodka, cranberry juice and lime make this cocktail luxurious and easy to drink, whether you are in a Manhattan bar or on a sun kissed beach. {Make it at home.}

Sex on the Beach

4One of the more popular beach cocktails, this beverage is the most commonly consumed by those on holiday {its comical name doesn’t hurt}. It also has an incredibly fruity flavour that is refreshing and cooling on a warm day. The fruit juice masks the vodka and peach schnapps, so be cautious – it can very easy for drinkers to begin to really enjoy themselves without fully realizing! {Make it at home.}



5For many, margaritas (frozen or on the rocks) are the epitome of a summer holiday drink. There are so many different ways to make and present the cocktail, but all are a slight deviation from the classic method. Tequila, Cointreau, lemon juice, and lime juice with a rim of salt on the glass make it the ideal drink for those that like to experiment and are looking for something with a bit of an unexpected kick. {Make it at home.}

The combination of the hot summer sun, the coolness of the sea and the refreshing nature of a cocktail create the idea of a perfect break and is the epitome of relaxation.

A summer getaway is the opportunity we all need to truly relax and let our hair down. There are so many destinations and resorts that offer a blissful getaway. Organizations like Club Med are able to offer support, guidance and advice on the ideal holiday for you — regardless of your preferred cocktail.

When it comes to cocktails, what’s your vacation style? Bellinis in Italy? Pisco sours in Peru? Margaritas in Mexico? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Amanda Walters is a journalist, blogger, poet and an artist. She has written for various websites including HuffingtonPost, DailyWaffle and had her concrete poetry work exhibited at university events in the UK.  You can follow Amanda on Twitter at @Amanda_W84.

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