Sunshine Shack Rendezvous Bay, Anguilla

Lounging away at Rendezvous Bay

Fridays and Saturdays are traditionally our days off from work and though we haven’t been overly diligent about taking both days every week, having family in town during low season gives us every reason to enjoy our days off before our wedding week!

My sister and grandma have spent a couple of days lounging at Meads Bay so we thought we’d take them to see a different beach, one a little closer to our home. After an early morning run to the grocery store to stock up, we packed up and headed to Rendezvous Bay. While my grandma is incredibly mobile for being nearly 90 years old, we were still a bit nervous about having her walk along the beach from the Anguilla Great House to the Sunshine Shack. She jettisoned her cane for the ride and we brought with us another mode of transportation: a raft. We walked with her down to the water and got her into the ocean and onto a raft which I pulled down to our lunch spot. Our plan of attack worked like a charm! We got her into the water (a feat in and of itself — she hasn’t been into the ocean since 1951) and we didn’t have to worry about her legs and knees withstanding the walk in the sand.

Rafting on RendezvousNana at RendezvousNana at Rendezvous

Once we arrived, we posted up on the beach and got nana her requisite BBC for the day. We decided to stay for lunch and noshed on Garvey’s fish (for me), and chicken and ribs (for them). Needless to say, the day was absolute bliss. How could it not be with all of the most perfect elements (incredible¬†weather+family+BBCs+food+music+relaxation) conspiring to make a perfect day?

Sunshine Shack, Rendezvous BayNana at RendezvousNana at Rendezvous

For not having been in the ocean in 50+ years (and not knowing how to swim), I was beyond impressed with my grandma. She got in and out a couple of times — a bit timid, to be sure — but laughed harder than I’ve seen her laugh in a long time.

Nana at Rendezvous

After our fun day on the beach, we headed home to escape the sun and play board games. Scott and I are both board game fans, but playing with two people isn’t quite as exciting as it could be. Having four people, however? Well, that’s just right.

xoxo from Anguilla,

Shannon Kircher, The Wanderlust Effect

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