Dubrovnik City Walls Walk

Views from Dubrovnik’s City Walls

Photos from Walking Dubrovnik’s Old City Walls

Dubrovnik is often considered the pearl of the Adriatic with its picturesque Old Town and stunning Adriatic views. We spent three days in Dubrovnik for our introduction to Croatia, including one day of wine tasting on the Peljesac Peninsula with D’Vino Wine Tours. I’ll tell you one thing: Croatia’s red tiled roofs, stone buildings, and smooth stone-laden streets are something out of a movie (actually, something out of Game of Thrones), and for anyone that hasn’t been to Croatia before, the tableau is certain to give you a serious sense of place and get you geared up for some Adriatic exploration.

Dubrovnik City Walls WalkDubrovnik City Walls Walk

One of the must-have experiences for anyone visiting Dubrovnik is a walk along the city walls for some of the best views imaginable. Tickets are around $25 per person (150kn each) but budgeting for it is a must. Honestly, I didn’t realize that you had to pay to walk the walls before arriving, but even with the hefty fee there are hordes of people waiting to glimpse Dubrovnik from high above. Whether you’re a luxury traveler or a hosteler on a shoe-string budget, carve out the money for this because these are the views you’ve dreamed of and the photos you’re looking to capture. Crowds are thinner earlier in the morning or later in the afternoon/early evening when day trippers bid the city farewell so plan your climb accordingly. The walk isn’t strenuous but there are a number of steps involved, which is worth noting for anyone that has joint issues since it could pose a bit of a challenge. You’ll see people in all sorts of attire – some women in summer dresses and sandals and some folks in full hiking gear with walking sticks. I fell into the former category and was perfectly comfortable walking in sturdy sandals. Athletic shoes aren’t necessary, but on hot summer days a hat and sunglasses would be useful to provide a bit of protection from the sun. Bring water if you can, too.

Dubrovnik's Old City WallsDubrovnik City Walls WalkDubrovnik City Walls WalkDubrovnik City Walls WalkDubrovnik City Walls WalkDubrovnik City Walls Walk

You’ll have stunning views from the get-go so have your camera handy since you’ll be in photographic heaven. At the top, there are places for lunch, ice cream, or drinks (we were amongst the masses buying water at the top), and there are hardly better views to be found in the whole of Dubrovnik so if you’re not in a hurry, allow yourself time to enjoy it. For souvenir lovers, you’ll have ample opportunities to stock up on Croatia-themed items in the Old Town, including at the top of the wall.

Dubrovnik City Walls WalkDubrovnik's City Walls WalkDubrovnik's City Walls Walk

A few parting thoughts: Dubrovnik is a heavily touristed city, between folks like us spending multiple days based in the Old Town to the day trippers coming in off of cruise ships, private vessels or from neighboring towns for the day. In the summertime – even into September from our experience – you can’t escape it and there are really no two ways about that. With that in mind, patience is critical. You’ll be behind, in front of, or surrounded by tour groups and that’s true during your time walking Dubrovnik’s city walls as well. Don’t be in a rush, and allow yourself a moment to find a modicum of peace amidst the chaos so you can enjoy the views and capture some dazzling photos. In many of the pics we snapped (you’re looking at some now!), it looks like it’s us and the city walls. That wasn’t the case in the slightest. We were crammed like sardines in some sections but found our way out of the masses when we could. We paused to allow groups and couples to take photos with the gorgeous panorama, and people often offered us the same courtesy. Plan on a couple of hours to walk the walls and enjoy the views, and give yourself a bit more time if you’re planning on lunch or drinks at the top.

Anyone else find the views from Dubrovnik’s City Walls some of the best?

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