Cumberland Lodge, LSE

LSE Experience: Cumberland Lodge

I spent this past weekend in Windsor at Cumberland Lodge with my Social Policy and Development program. The weekend was a training and bonding-focused weekend that involved around eight 1-1/2 hour trainings. It was intense but really informative and really fun! Despite the fact that we were all a bit stressed out with it being our first week back for the term, I think most of us managed to have a really good time and get to know each other better as we enter the second part of our year. Here’s some evidence of the fact that we actually did work… lots of it!

Cumberland Lodge, LSE, London School of Economics, Social Policy and Development

Cumberland Lodge, LSE, London School of Economics, Social Policy and DevelopmentAbove: The team in action, hard at work constructing a log frame.

The training part of the weekend definitely occupied most of our time, but we followed up our 8:15A – 10PM trainings with a party on Saturday night, and it was a great opportunity to hang out with everyone in a non-academic setting. The idea of the evening was to come dressed in cultural garb and we ended up with a slew of awesome outfits. I had nothing quintessentially Californian to wear, so I opted for an LBD which I thought kind of fit the bill.

PartyWith AndyGroup

We had our morning free on Sunday, so we visited Windsor chapel for a morning service. There is serious security outside of the chapel gates (no phones, no cameras and a pass is required) and people aren’t typically allowed inside without proper clearance. Being that we stayed at the lodge we were allowed to sign up for the service and got our clearance for the morning. Apparently the queen visits that chapel on Sundays when she’s in residence. Afterwards, we explored the grounds of Cumberland Lodge a bit and took our group photo. How pretty is this place?

Cumberland Lodge, LSE, London School of Economics, Social Policy and Development, WindsorAt the Lodge!Cumberland Lodge, LSE, London School of Economics, Social Policy and DevelopmentCumberland Lodge, LSE, London School of Economics, Social Policy and Development

The weekend was as memorable and special as I hoped it would be going in. Before starting the program we had heard of the Cumberland Lodge experience and it always seemed so far away. It ended up living up to expectations and really was such a great intensive weekend with great workshops and great bonding time. An LSE memory for the books!

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  • Your new site is absolutely gorgeous! Wow!
    You made me laugh when you said the Queen ‘hits up’ the chapel! I’m not sure you can use that expression in relation to Her Maj!

    • Hey Lyndsey! Thank you — I’m definitely liking the new site!
      Yeah, I guess queens don’t ‘hit places up’, but it IS 2010! Haha 🙂

  • While traveling all across Europe and The US I have found that my favorite memories are of staying in cute cottages, cabins and challets. I totally recommend renting one. Great post!