United Kingdom

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    Layover in London

    Newsflash: you can't fly direct from Nairobi to St. Maarten. To get home from Kenya, we had a scheduled connection in London and then in New York before making our way back to the Caribbean. There was no way we…

  • Cotswolds, UK

    Top UK Destinations for 2013

    Guest post by Rob James Looking to take a holiday in the UK during 2013? There are many options available to you, from enjoying a cottage holiday in the British countryside, through to experiencing a busy weekend of sights in…

  • Oxford, England

    Day Trip: Oxford, England

    I have been scouring my computer and my camera in an attempt to find pictures from my trip to Oxford, but all to no avail. I'm hoping that they will miraculously pop up at some point so I can share…