On Da Rocks, Anguilla

Crayfish on the East End

After a sunshine-filled day at Rendezvous Bay on Friday, we decided to take a tour of the island on Saturday and show our guests a different side of Anguilla. We headed out to Shoal Bay East so they could see one of the island’s more famous beaches (though they both thought that Meads and Rendezvous were more impressive).

On Da Rocks, Crayfish
After our quick stop at Shoal Bay, we made our way around to Island Harbour. We were planning on just passing through before ultimately heading to Cove Bay to laze for the day, but we passed by On Da Rocks where we were quickly reminded about their $5 crayfish option on the weekends.

They had both wanted to try crayfish at some point, so we headed in for what we were qualifying as an ‘appetizer’. We ordered 8 crayfish for the four of us, plus a basket of fries to share. Our service was great and we were out the door for $53 for 8 crayfish, a basket of fries + 2 beers. Biggest steal on the island. Plus, we all left completely satisfied.20130608-181354.jpg

After my grandma and sister decided that they liked crayfish better than lobster and that On Da Rocks was one of the greatest spots ever, we packed up and headed out to Savannah Bay to enjoy an afternoon on a secluded beach. It always amazes me that places like Savannah Bay exist at all: a stunning beach and turquoise water where we had the entire place to ourselves (no exaggeration, we were the only 4 people on the entire expanse when we arrived). My grandma decided to stay on the beach and hide out from the sun while we splashed around for a bit.

Our day continued back at home with a round of homemade BBCs, a slightly drunken grandmother, and a riveting game of Monopoly. But the $5 crayfish? Well, that was a highlight. Somehow I think we have 3 more weekends of crayfish in our future.

xoxo from Anguilla,

Shannon Kircher, The Wanderlust Effect

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