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Island life: It’s a jungle out here

So my day went something like this on Tuesday: I arrived at work, someone showed me their pet shark egg, I went to St. Maarten, I finally bought my tennis shoes, I headed back to Anguilla to find our house had no internet, I found a frog on Scott’s toothbrush and went to bed.

Let’s start at the beginning. I get to work and someone brings in a shark egg. 

shark egg

My bet is that you haven’t seen one of these before. I hadn’t either. No one really sees shark eggs because they live inside of the shark. A nurse shark was caught in Sandy Ground a few days back though and they discovered that she was pregnant after bringing her in. Obviously a sad thought, but definitely a once-in-a-lifetime sight.

We headed to St. Martin for the day to run some errands and to pick up some much-needed goods. During the last leg of our honeymoon, I left my tennis shoes on the ship. It crossed my mind when we were flying back, but I confirmed my fear when we arrived back in Anguilla. Now, normally this wouldn’t be an issue, but a) I don’t have an extra pair of running shoes on the island {I only packed 2 total bags during our move}, and b) you can’t buy running shoes in Anguilla. No, seriously. I tried.

I went to every store that I thought might have tennis shoes but they were no where to be found. I asked locals where I might find them and they were a bit perplexed; most told me to go to St. Martin. So, four fateful weeks later, we headed over and I got my hands on a new pair of tennis shoes. Crisis averted. (I also got window treatments and shower curtains, but that’s an aside).

When we arrived home, it was nearly 7PM and our internet service was out, so we made a quick dinner before heading to bed. Naturally, my first stop was the bathroom so I could wash my face and brush my teeth. I reached for my toothbrush only to see this:

As you can imagine, my response was quite loud. Scott came in to see what was going on and was equally amazed/shocked to see a frog on his toothbrush. It took us a couple of minutes to strategize and get the frog out of our bathroom and into the forest that surrounds our house. Needless to say, that toothbrush head is going to electric toothbrush heaven.

Better his than mine, I suppose.

Eventful day? You know, not really. Besides the shark egg (one of the more bizarre things I’ve seen here), the other things were actually quite ordinary. Cheers to island life — never a dull moment.

xoxo from Anguilla,

Shannon Kircher, The Wanderlust Effect

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