LIttle Bay, Anguilla

Anguilla: Sunset Cruise to Little Bay

My dad and grandmother are in town for just another day so my dad and I took the opportunity to set out on a sunset cocktail cruise to Little Bay to enjoy one of our final evenings together. We departed from Meads Bay around 4:30PM, slowly cutting across the bright turquoise waters with rosé in hand. The water here never ceases to amaze me; there are so many shades of blue and turquoise as you make your way around the island. The slice of sand near Malliouhana on Meads Bay (in the pic below) is some of the most beautiful turquoise-y water around. For the record, none of these pictures are photoshopped – that’s what the water really looks like!

Sunset Cruise to Little Bay

After spending a couple of weeks in New York undertaking a course at Cornell University, Scott has finally returned to the island and was with us for our north coast tour from the hotel.

Sunset Cruise to Little Bay

The ride from Meads Bay to Little Bay isn’t that long, but during sunset it’s a super slow and tranquil cruise where we typically enjoy a few idle moments in Sandy Ground admiring the view from the water. Seeing many of the hotspots in the evening (e.g. Pumphouse, Elvis’, Dolce Vita, etc.) is entirely different that cruising by during the day. Many people are surprised by how nondescript their favorite spots are – simple structures on the beach that seems to be transformed by evening lights, a great atmosphere, and stars overhead.

Sunset Cruise to Little BaySunset Cruise to Little Bay

Little Bay is the go-to for many sunset cruises on the island for a very good reason: it’s stunning. We’ve gotten used to seeing the dramatic cliffs, people jumping off the rock, and the snorkeling, but when I recall my first handful of visits to Little Bay, I can vividly remember how awe-struck I was. On this flat little coral island, there exists this space so starkly different than the rest of the island – deep caves, cacti growing on the cliffs, birds soaring overhead, and a tranquil little cove where you can cozy up for a couple of hours. Even now, there’s something so peaceful about Little Bay for us – in my book, it’s a must for all visitors to the island.

Sunset Cruise in Anguilla

And then there was this pretty sunset, just a mashup of pretty, muted tones.

Sunset, Sunset Cruise to Little Bay

I hope I’m not killing everyone with all of these posts on Anguilla and Little Bay as of late, but sometimes it’s a great thing to look around and just remember to love where you live.

xo from Anguilla,

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