Scilly Cay, Anguilla

Anguilla: Scilly Cay Dreamin’

Ive shared my love for Scilly Cay year after year (here, here and here, for example). Not everyone who visits Anguilla is in agreement, but I’ve always found it utterly magical in every way. The whole experience of getting out to this little desert island, and the ritual that is Scilly Cay Sunday before August Monday is incredibly special and amazingly fun.

Scott and I were the first to the island this past Sunday, waiting on the dock for the little boat to arrive from across the water. The rest of the crew were arriving later either by car or by the resort’s boat, but I’ve come to discover how much I enjoy getting there on the early side before others descend on the island. It’s a great place to seriously disconnect, with your toes in the sand and only the sound of the wind and sea surrounding you.

Scilly Cay, AnguillaScilly Cay, AnguillaScilly Cay, Anguilla

Scott’s parents began coming to the island three decades ago when Scilly Cay was barren; an amazing thing to contemplate when we arrive on this conch-covered island that has been carefully crafted to create the place that it is today. Everything about this screams paradise to me, and having family and friends in town is always a great reminder to stop, look around, and take in the beauty of Anguilla.

Scilly Cay, AnguillaScilly Cay, AnguillaScilly Cay, AnguillaScilly Cay, AnguillaScilly Cay, Anguilla

Plus, when the food looks like this, how can you go wrong?

Stay tuned for some snapshots from August Monday in Anguilla, one of the Caribbean’s biggest beach parties!

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