Join the conversation on Twitter: #AnguillaLive

During this coming week, I’ll be participating in Anguilla’s first twitter chat where we’ll be talking about all things Anguilla and fielding questions from those looking for some insight. Co-hosted by Nori from Anguilla-beaches.com and the Caribbean Tourist Board, I’ll be joining hotels, restaurants, and locals alike to dole out stories, thoughts and insights with fellow Anguillaphiles.

Join the conversation

I’ve participated in the #TRAVEX Twitter chat on a number of occasions, and have always had a great time engaging with fellow travelers and talking about far-flung locales. If you’ve never experienced a Twitter chat before, here’s the step-by-step on getting involved:

  • Sign into your Twitter account. If you don’t have a Twitter account yet, sign up here with your own handle.

Twitter chat

  • In the search bar in the upper right hand corner of the screen, type in #AnguillaLive to see the conversation.  When the chat goes live, you’ll see a stream of questions, answers and thoughts from users around the world that are participating in the conversation. Note: You’ll notice that all of the comments shown in this string have a within the content (or at the end of the comment). For tweets to fall into this thread, they must include the #AnguillaLive hashtag.
  • Ready to contribute or ask a question of your own? To compose a new Tweet, head to your homepage where you will see a box prompting you to ‘Compose new Tweet…’. Toss your thoughts into the box (140 characters or less!) and include #AnguillaLive. Your comments will be added to the thread where other folks can respond to you!


  • Head back to the conversation to see what others have to say on the topic. If someone mentions you, they’ll include your Twitter handle by using the @ to designate that a comment is meant for you. (e.g. if someone is talking to the Frangipani directly, they will include @frangipaniaxa in their tweet to ensure we see their thoughts.) If you want to mention someone specifically, make sure you include their handle, preceded by the @ symbol.

Feel free to throw in your questions or comments below! If you’re looking for some folks to follow that will be involved in the chat, here are a few people that will get the conversation started:

Are there any questions you have that you want to include in our chat this week?

I originally posted this piece at Plumeria Press in a modified format.

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