San Antonio, TX

San Antonio, TX: Scavenger Hunt

Never one to shy away from a little healthy competition, I was even more in my element when the hosts of the IRF conference in San Antonio announced their twitter competition. We embarked on a Corporate Social Responsibility-themed adventure around San Antonio, complete with various missions and a stroll throughout the city center. The goal? Tell the story of San Antonio and gain a better understanding of how multi-faceted the city truly is. Here are some of the snapshots that nabbed me the crown for the VIT (Very Important Tweeter) Competition. Huge thank you to the IRF and San Antonio for making this happen!

San Antonio, TXSan Antonio, TXSan Antonio, TXSan Antonio, TXSan Antonio, TXAlamo, San Antonio, TXSan Antonio, TXCascarones, San Antonio, TXSan Antonio, TX, Food Bank

After traveling around San Antonio on our scavenger hunt, we ended by putting together bags for the local food bank. Definitely a fun way to explore San Antonio and see what it had to offer, made even better by working for a good cause. Big thumbs up to the city and the team that crafted this. It was a very well thought-out event that got everyone engaged and served its purpose: we all were excited to explore the city and share our adventures!


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