Senior Travel

  • Straw Hat, Anguilla Destination Wedding

    Wedding Day: Friends & Details

    You know the people that snap pictures of every event detail with their iPhone and/or super-powered camera? The people who end up with enough trip pics to span two Facebook photo albums? Yeah, that's me. The thing is, when you're…

  • da Vida, Anguilla

    Lounging and dining at Crocus Bay

    After spending Saturday enjoying Meads Bay (and experiencing the tried-and-true Blanchard's Beach Shack), we decided to head to see a different side of the island on Sunday. My grandma specifically mentioned her love of crayfish and desire to re-visit On…

  • Sunshine Shack Rendezvous Bay, Anguilla

    Lounging away at Rendezvous Bay

    Fridays and Saturdays are traditionally our days off from work and though we haven't been overly diligent about taking both days every week, having family in town during low season gives us every reason to enjoy our days off before…