Multigenerational Travel

  • Golf Cart Tour of Rome

    A Golf Cart Tour through Rome

    Honestly, after navigating the bridges and waterways of Venice and the hills in Tuscan and Umbrian towns like Montepulciano and Assisi, the idea of navigating Rome with a 96-year-old in a wheelchair seemed relatively straightforward. Rome is mostly flat (a…

  • Nonagenarian Traveler

    Takeaways from our Multigen Trip to Italy

    Lessons from a Nonagenarian Traveler I rarely shut off fully but for our first two weeks of 2022 traveling through Italy with my family, I got as close as possible. When my husband proposed that my family join us in…

  • Nanapalooza

    #Nanapalooza2015: 90th Birthday in Las Vegas

    We are incredibly lucky to be able to celebrate my grandmother's 90th birthday! At 90, she's still in amazing shape, and we couldn't think of a more fun and accessible place for her to ring in her new decade than Las…