Point Reyes Road Trip, San Francisco

Impromptu Road Trip to Point Reyes, CA

With weather in the 70s and an open Friday evening before us, Scott and I decided to make the most of the sunshine and take a quick jaunt up north.

 We jumped in the car and headed across the Golden Gate Bridge before cutting off onto Hwy 1 to see the coastline. The roads are not for the impatient or faint of heart; they’re narrow and windy for miles and miles, but the views make it worth it (I wasn’t driving so I suppose that’s easy for me to say). We were driving with no real end point in sight, but our goal was to arrive somewhere near Point Reyes to grab dinner and score some awesome ocean views.

Trip to Point Reyes, CA

 Since we didn’t really have an agenda, we pulled off wherever a pretty vista seemed to present itself. Our first stop was Muir Beach. We weren’t that far from San Francisco, but we could have been hours away based on how different the landscape was. The beach was fine, albeit a bit dirty, but the hiking trails and the redwoods definitely add to the area’s draw.

Muir Beach, California Muir Beach, California

After snapping a few pictures, we headed in the car and continued to venture up north on Hwy 1 to Stinson Beach. I had never actually been to Stinson and if you were to ask me a few months back where it was in relation to Half Moon Bay I probably couldn’t have told you. I think the back of my mind I thought Half Moon Bay was where Stinson is and vice versa. Now that we’ve actually made our way through the town of Stinson Beach (population < 450 people), I’ve taken note of my geography lesson.

Trip to Point Reyes, CA

Since dinnertime was rolling around, we decided to pop into the Sand Dollar Restaurant to grab some food (fish tacos and crab cakes – both great) to keep us going until our final stop for the evening. After meandering through the small town, we jumped back in the car for the final stretch of our journey.

Tony's, Point Reyes Tony's, Point ReyesTony's, Marshall, CA

We ended up at Tony’s Seafood Restaurant, a little BBQ oyster shack that sits right on the water in the town of Marshall, California. We were there just in time for sunset and were able to take in some pretty awesome views while we dedicated dinner to noshing on oysters and clams.

From there, we began our journey back home, forgoing the scenic but treacherous roads of Highway 1. Instead, we made our way back through Petaluma and down Hwy 101 to the city. Naturally, we made a pitstop for frozen yogurt before we nestled into a parking spot in San Francisco. For being home by 10PM we had a jam-packed Friday afternoon adventure; totally impromptu and 100% perfect.

Road trip from San Francisco

Pretty crazy where the cost of a half tank of gas can take you, right?
Where would you go on an impromptu afternoon road trip?

xo from San Francisco,

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