The Louvre, Paris, France

Prague and Paris

 We woke up in Prague on Wednesday and fell asleep in Paris. Since we had the the morning and early afternoon in Prague, we decided to set out for Josefov, the Jewish quarter of Prague and then re-visit our favorite Old Town center once again. Sadly, my camera battery died pre-Jewish quarter and I left my charger at home. I know what you’re thinking — how is that possible?! I’m not sure what was going through my mind when I didn’t pack it, but clearly I had a momentarily lapse. Fortunately, there was a Canon shop in the middle of the Old Town center that charged my battery back to 100% for 150Kc (about $7). Sadly, my pictures from Josefov are limited to mediocre camera phone shots of toy rabbis, crosses of David and menorahs.

After enjoying our last few hours in Prague, soaking in the refreshingly inexpensive Czech fare we made our way to the airport and headed off to Paris.  Now, our hotel in Prague, the Golden Tulip Prague Terminus, was a pleasant surprise. The rooms were huge, the bed was enormous and the amenities were plush by the standards that I’ve become used to. Plus, the staff was beyond hospitable which made the experience even more memorable. After a pretty hassle free flight to France, we arrived in Paris at Anvers metro station in Montmartre to find a hotel that was not quite as inviting as our hotel in Prague. Not bad, mind you, but not exactly the four-star experience we had before. Our current ‘hotel’ is actually a hostel (an oops on my part when I was booking budget accommodation for my family and I) and although it wasn’t what we had anticipated, it works. We’re in Paris, so life isn’t all that bad.

Family at the Eiffel Tower!

After settling into our temporary abode, we headed to a local brasserie for a quaint dinner and a little exploration of our neighborhood before calling it a night. Check back soon as I recount ou second day in Paris: the Notre Dame, the Louvre, a quick stop by the Latin Quarter, the Eiffel Tower and dad getting pick-pocketed on the metro (grrr). A veritable mix of emotions from the start.

Love from Paris,

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