Frangipani Beach Resort, Anguilla

Poolside party at the Frangipani Beach Resort

After a week of activities, our guests opted to spend the past couple of days poolside, relaxing with books and iPads. My sister’s been fastidiously working on her summer glow while making sure she doesn’t crisp up in the first week. After discovering their love for Straw Hat’s bar (BBCs, anyone?), they quickly developed an equally strong passion for Straw Hat’s plantain chips. I think they purposefully don’t eat lunch just so they can justify their afternoon nibbles.

Frangipani Beach Resort

Wednesday is also the day of our weekly manager’s cocktail party (you’ll remember our snapshots from last week here), which has been made even more fun having family around. I should note that looking at the pictures over the course of the past week, you’d probably get the impression that my 87-year-old- grandmother has become quite the lush during her escape to paradise, but let me reassure you she was on best behavior last night. When I offered her wine or rum punch, she opted for a “rum punch without rum” (aka fruit punch) to kick start her night. Naturally, if she’s going to drink, it’s gotta be blended. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Frangipani Beach Resort Cocktail PartyFrangipani Beach Resort Cocktail PartyFrangipani Beach Resort Cocktail PartyFrangipani Beach Resort Cocktail Party

I try to share weekly snapshots of our Manager’s Cocktail Party with our Facebook fans so I wanted to snap a shot of my grandma for this week’s edition. The picture ended up being one of my favorites ever:

Frangipani Beach Resort Cocktail Party

After our cocktail party wrapped up, we headed to one of our favorite restaurants, Picante, for dinner. We’re having our rehearsal dinner for our wedding at Picante and wanted to share the experience with the family before that night. Not that we were surprised, but they loved it. So much deliciousness. As per usual, I opted for the chipotle prawn burrito but made sure others nabbed the fish tacos so I could have the best of both worlds. Greedy move but it’s a win for all parties.

All in all, another great day on the island. Tonight we’re hosting a Mexican-themed get-together with friends from Anguilla and next week we’re hosting the Frangipani staff at our home for a taco night. Can you tell we like Mexican?

Lots of love from Anguilla,

Shannon Kircher, The Wanderlust Effect

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