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Fit Escapes: Workouts for Travelers

We resolved to make 2016 a more fit year, and for the most part I’ve stuck to that plan! We’ve enlisted the help of a personal trainer on Anguilla twice a week and have incorporated tried-and-true online favorites for an at-home boost so I can’t make any excuses. But what happens when you’re on-the-go? For city escapes, I find that I walk a lot more than usual which is a major plus, but I’m also more likely to splurge on a great meal or pre-dinner cocktails when I’m delving into a new scene. For many of us, fitness falls to the wayside when we’re out of our normal routine and comfort zone. We’re used to having access to our gym, utilizing certain tools, or running in our regular circuit, so being faced with limited resources and a new environment can make it difficult to incorporate workouts into the mix.

With more hotels offering health and wellness activities, getting in a workout or attending a class is easier than ever, but when options aren’t as readily available, I like to be prepared with a workout of my own. Especially with longer getaways, staying in the habit of scheduled workouts can be key to keep that motivation going once you’ve returned home. If going on a run isn’t your cup of tea (it’s not mine!), check out these three workouts for travelers wanting to stay fit while trotting the globe.


Workouts when traveling

Barre3 ignited my love for online workouts. I used to be the person that scoffed at the idea of working out at home, with the misplaced belief that a ‘real’ workout had to take place at the gym. Barre3 changed my entire philosophy towards exercise and the ability to change your body. I quickly learned that a solid workout can take place anywhere, and that the most fundamental component is your drive and desire to actually push your body when you’re the only one watching.

I began my subscription to Barre3 about 6 months before my wedding in 2013 and have maintained my love for the practice since then. For the uninitiated, barre is essentially of a fusion of pilates, yoga and dance, with a focus on achieving long, lean muscles and balance within the body. With a subscription, guests have access to a host of workouts ranging from 10 minutes to 60 minutes so options are great for allowing you to sneak in a workout even when you’re short on time. For those that thrive on ‘challenges’, they’ll offer 7-day and 28-day challenges to keep you on your toes and ensure you stay motivated for the long haul.

You need little to no equipment and relatively little space to execute any of the moves, so you can easily do the workouts in a hotel room using a chair for stability.

Online Workouts, Workouts When Traveling

Sign Up:  ??  Use this link for $15 off of your subscription!
Equipment Needed:
Equipment will vary depending on exercise, but you’ll want a yoga mat and light handheld weights for most workouts. Ideally, a resistance band and small stability ball will provide everything you need for any workouts. 
Monthly Subscription Cost:
 $15/month for monthly payments, $70 for 6-months, or $120/year


Physique57, Workouts for Travelers

Physique57 is my newest addition and newest obsession. It’s a barre-style workout, but a bit more fast-paced. The workouts offered incorporate more upbeat music and correspondingly quick moves which I personally find motivating and energizing. In the U.S., Physique57 has facilities in New York, the Hamptons and Beverly Hills. For the rest of us, they have an online subscription, much like Barre3, that grants you access to a slew of workouts with different focuses.

They have a variety of challenges on offer depending on the approach you’re looking for. I’m currently doing the 2-week ‘Get Fit Fast’ series, which details day-by-day suggested routines to keep you going. Just like with barre workouts, you need relatively little equipment, if any. For one of my first workouts, I only needed a yoga mat and I could have gotten by without one, if need be. The workouts are pretty high-energy and focus on creating lean muscle. You could easily choose workouts requiring zero equipment and knock them out in your hotel room daily.

Physique57, Workouts for Travelers

Sign Up:
Equipment Needed:
Equipment will vary depending on exercise, but some workouts require only a yoga mat, and in a hotel room you could get by without one if need be. Ideally, you’d have a yoga mat, light handheld weights and a small ‘playground ball’ to cover the breadth of workouts offered.
Monthly Subscription Cost:
 7-day free trial to start; $57/monthly, $30/month with three-month commitment, $5 daily rate for ‘drop in’ membership


Fitness Blender on YouTube, Workouts for Travelers

I discovered FitnessBlender organically when I couldn’t get my Barre3 workout to play (my dead iPad wasn’t working with me). I browsed YouTube on my Apple TV searching for solid online HIIT workouts. I was absolutely amazed by everything FitnessBlender had on offer, and with hundreds of thousands of likes on each of these videos, I’m clearly not alone.

I’ve done ab workouts, Pilates-style workouts, upper body blasts, and circuits, and all of the workouts have been exceptionally well-done, detailed and professional. The best part? They’re 100% free so if a monthly subscription isn’t in the cards, you can browse hundreds of free workouts to find one that works for you. Again, my AppleTV is a lifesaver so I can watch this on a big screen, but all you really need is a computer or an iPad to lead you through the exercises. For those needing to burn calories from a hotel room, you can find great exercises that involve a small circuit without needed equipment.

Equipment Needed:
Equipment will vary depending on exercise, but you can get by with no equipment if you select properly.
Monthly Subscription Cost:

As someone who prefers to travel light, one of the things I love about mat-based workouts is that you don’t have to greatly alter what you’re packing, and you can really workout anywhere as long as you have your laptop or an iPad with you. I’ve gone on trips without gym shoes, and have instead opted to bring my ToeSoxyoga pants and a sports bra, and been just fine. I can get in a solid workout without bringing loads of equipment or needing extra resources. My personal feeling is that if it requires too much planning or takes too much time away from exploring a new town or enjoying a new experience, it probably won’t happen. For me, making exercise excuse-proof is the way to make it work!

Do you workout when you travel? What are your favorite workouts when you’re on the go?
Share some inspiration in the comments below!

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