Hampton Court Palace

Daytrip from London: Hampton Court Palace

Staying on top of my New Year’s goal (to branch out and experience or explore a new part of London every week), I joined a fellow LSEer living in my building for a mid-day getaway to Hampton Court Palace. The Palace is 35ish minutes from London by train and today’s sunshine made it a perfect break from London.

Despite having lived here for five months, this was one of my first times taking the train and venturing outside of central London. I must admit, I’m going to have to push myself to explore a little more often; it was such a beautiful area and it was nice to step outside of the overpopulated city centre. For anyone counting costs, it was £9.50 for a return ticket from Waterloo to Hampton Court.

Mind the GapHampton Court PalaceHampton Court PalaceHampton Court PalaceHampton Court Palace

After running into the palace and snapping some pictures, we decided to forgo the actual palace tour this time around (£15.80 for tickets); instead we headed down to the Thames to people-watch and soak up the rare bits of sunshine.

Hampton Court Palace Hampton Court PalaceHampton Court Palace

Everything looked gorgeous with the sun shining on it (I feel like I’d seen London in a new light!), and seeing the families, kids and dog walkers running around the area was such a nice change of pace. Getting out into these types of areas occasionally serves as a reminder of how nice it is to enjoy a change of scenery once in a while. With this being a short train ride from London, it was definitely worth the investment!

My goal for this week is to finally head over to St. Paul’s and get a proper look at it from the inside and outside.  Also on the agenda for some time in the near future: Oxford!

Love from the UK,

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