• Top 4 Things to Do in Majorca

    Top 4 Things to Do in Majorca

    Things to do and sights to see in Majorca, Spain Even if you've not been to the Balearic Islands, you've likely heard of them. There's a charm and a cache associated with these Mediterranean gems from the glitzy nightlife of…

  • Extremadura, Spain

    Eat, explore and enjoy in Extremadura, Spain

    5 items for your checklist in Extremadura Guest post by Julianne Adamko Trujillo Villas Espana Each country has hidden gems; treasure troves of beautiful places to visit that are off the beaten path or far from the tourist hotspots. But finding…

  • Barcelona, Spain

    Spain: Exploring Barcelona

    I've clearly been slacking on updates, but in my defense our internet has been awful at the last few spots we've stayed at. My cousin and I are in Ireland right now, but I'm going to try to catch up on the…