• Saba Island Tour

    Island Tour of Saba

    As you can imagine, passing through three Caribbean islands in the span of an hour and a half has the potential to be stressful. We departed Anguilla at 8:45AM on a  private ferry (which was on island time, of course),…

  • Packing for Saba

    Packing List: Carry-on Only

    Packing list for a weekend getaway to Saba I'm a chronic over-packer. I'm genuinely well-intentioned when I'm piecing together items for a trip, but somehow my weekend trip to San Diego will involve 50 pounds of stuff. I bring typical…

  • SCUBA Certification, Anguilla

    Getting SCUBA Certified

    With a trip to Saba on the horizon, I spent some time doing a bit of research on must-sees and to-dos while we're on the tiny Dutch island. If Saba is known for one thing, it's diving. The hiking is…