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Anguilla: Weekend at the beach

Here’s the thing about living on an island: people assume that you spend your days sipping rum punches at the beach, sunning and catching up on all of those beach reads that you had stashed when you lived in a city. The less-glam reality is that we spend lots of time in an air conditioned office space and not a lot of time at the beach (my fading tan is a testament).

I’ve vowed to spend a bit of time beachside before our trip back to California in September. After all, people need to believe we live in the Caribbean! This past weekend, we took the boat over to Shoal Bay to spend some time basking and snorkeling on the East End. While Little Bay held the #1 spot for snorkeling for me previously (rays, squid, fish — quite the menagerie), Shoal Bay now ties for that top spot. Super clear waters and great sea life.

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Following our run in with sunshine on Friday, we recreated the magic at Smokey’s at the Cove on Saturday. Saturdays are usually an exceptionally busy time there, but it was clear that the season was coming to an end. We easily found beach chairs and grabbed seats for lunch.

After our afternoon at Cove Bay, Scott’s mom and I (along with a few other members of the Frangipani family), headed down to Sandy Ground to grab dinner at Sandbar before a fashion show that was taking place that evening. Despite a bit of rain and a lot of humidity, the view wasn’t too shabby.

sunset in anguilla

We had planned on heading to St. Martin this weekend for a short getaway on the French side, but have decided to spend the weekend in Anguilla for what will be our first married weekend alone . We’ve been fortunate to have had family and friends in town since June so we’ll finally know what it feels like to be settling into normal life!

xoxo from Anguilla,

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