Frangipani Anguilla

Anguilla: Little Bay & a Night at the Frangipani

After lounging on the beach Thursday morning, an opportunity arose to take the boat over to Little Bay for the afternoon. I have heard amazing things about Little Bay for quite some time now and I knew that the rumors had to be true based on the general response to the proposition. With a snorkel, mask and camera in tow, we all jumped on the boat for an impromptu afternoon.

Little Bay, Anguilla

Little Bay has a great area for snorkeling. While we didn’t see anything too exciting during our excursion, it was still incredible to be exploring in the warm water. In addition to snorkeling, Little Bay is home to a not-so-little rock that people frequently jump off of. While I can’t be 100% sure of the height, I would wager that it’s between 30 and 35 feet high. For the record, it seems much higher when you’re standing at the top. There’s a rope that hangs down the side of the rock so people can scurry up one end and jump off the other. While a few of the boys were jumping off, I was still deliberating as to whether I really wanted to throw myself off of a massive rock for no good reason.

Another one of the girls on the trip decided that she was going to take the plunge, though, so I knew I had to join in. I couldn’t let Scott have the girlfriend who was too frightened to jump. After we climbed to the top, we both looked down in amazement. Jumping doesn’t seem to be quite as great of an idea once you’re looking down. The rock seems much smaller when you’re looking at it from the water. From the tippy-top of the rock it’s a bit (read: a lot) more frightening. After a few minutes of panic and some gentle encouragement from Scott, I took the plunge and landed not-so-comfortably 35 feet below. About twenty-five minutes later, my fellow jumper also took the plunge.

Little Bay, Anguilla

Little Bay, AnguillaLittle Bay, Anguilla

After conquering our fears, we loaded up and headed back to Meads Bay. We arrived in time to catch a segment of the famous boat races. With the races drawing a decent crowd in the area, a number of vendors had stations set up where they cooked up BBQ ribs and chicken, rice and peas, plantains, cole slaw, potato salad and other delicious Caribbean fare. We all grabbed some food and posted up on the beach with other locals while we rooted on De Tree, a boat sponsored by the Frangipani.

Boating AnguillaDeTree

With it being one of our last evenings together, we headed down to the Viceroy to grab a round of mojitos before making our way back to the resort for our our final night as a full crew.

Viceroy, Anguilla Viceroy, Anguilla Viceroy, Anguilla

The Frangipani hosted a Manager’s Cocktail on Thursday evening, so we all made our way down to the poolside to listen to a local band and chat with everyone else staying at the resort. While the boys ended up noshing on pizza from a local eatery, the girls hit up Straw Hat once again for some lobster spring rolls, ceviche and prawn curry. Fabulous.

Frangipani Anguilla

We had contemplated heading over to the Pumphouse to check out their live music for the evening but decided to continue the festivities at the resort instead. While I ended up passing out a bit early (one-too-many voodoo punches), the night ended up being awesome and a perfect way to say farewell to one of our teammates!

xoxo from the prettiest place on earth,

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