Takaungu, Kenya

{Secret Getaway} Kenya, East Africa

Scott and I are currently en route to Mombasa, Kenya where we will be celebrating his mom’s 60th birthday with family. The kicker is that she has no clue about this trip; it’s all been planned as a surprise which is why I’ve had to draft a series of postdated blogs in lieu of sharing the entire planning process (the planning process will be in a series of forthcoming posts).

Little Bay, Anguilla

Scott’s dad called us in mid-January with the hopes of planning an incredible surprise for his mom’s birthday. Somehow, a house about an hour away from Mombasa became a serious contender in this planning process. Certainly unexpected, and undoubtedly a memorable experience for everyone involved. He reached out with the idea that a small group of family would covertly book travel to Kenya without letting his mom in on the secret. Well, here we are.

En route to Kenya.

Scott and I are flying to Nairobi via New York and London and spending a couple of days in Kenya’s capital before moving on to coastal Mombasa to continue our journey. To date, neither of us have spent any time in Africa and this is probably a #1 travel bucket list experience for both of us. I’m still pinching myself that this is even a reality. Our big concern was airfare, which we assumed would run us around $3000 per person round trip. In reality, it was less than half that which made this entire experience more approachable. I’ll be sharing some details of our secret planning soon: a two-day safari, transportation offerings, plus information about restaurants and activities in the region.

I’m so excited for what we’re about to experience: an African safari, the bustling Kenyan capital, and the East African coastline. Most importantly, I’m excited to share this experience with the most incredible family and with a woman who deserves every moment of celebration (plus some).

xoxo from somewhere between Anguilla and Africa,

Shannon Kircher, The Wanderlust Effect

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