Istria: 5 Photos to Take in Rovinj

Rovinj’s most Instagrammable Spots

Croatians often refer to Rovinj as the pearl of the Istrian Peninsula, if not the gem of Croatia in general. There is mad love for this little seaside town in Northern Croatia, and there’s no doubt that Rovinj is postcard-perfect in many ways. The pedestrianized old town is a beautiful maze that leads up to the hilltop, where St. Euphemia church looks over the city. Restaurants and shops line the alleyways and tiny little outcroppings make for the perfect places for sunset cocktails. For amateur and professional photogs alike, you’ll be as happy as can be wandering this picturesque city. Looking for some gorgeous places to capture idyllic scenes from the city? Here are five places for amazing photos to take in Rovinj:

Table for Two on the Water

The White Table Rovinj, 5 Photos to Take in Rovinj

1This place. Yes, it’s real. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen the picture of this perfect white table set at the bottom of a stone stairwell. I told myself that I would explore Rovinj until I could find it and plop myself right into this picture-perfect scene. Imagine my surprise when we stepped out of our hotel at Angelo D’Oro and saw this alley and this table right across the way (no joke, our hotel room window looked over it). The table actually belongs to the atelier, which sits in this alleyway. Serendipity, if I do say so myself.

FIND IT: Ulica Vladimira Svalbe across from Angelo D’Oro Hotel

Sunset Drinks at Caffe Bar Monte Carlo and Mediterraneo Bar

5 Instagrammable Spots in Rovinj
The road down to Secret Mediterraneo

2When it comes to sunsets, head to the water where you can find a seat nestled into the cliffside. A range of restaurants dot the street, but the downstairs terrace at Caffe Bar Monte Carlo was a favorite of ours. Tables for two are set along the rocky cliffside and you can sip a glass of vino or a cocktail while the sun goes down. For a follow up to Monte Carlo, head to Mediterraneo Cocktail Bar, an outdoor space with tables perched romantically over the cliffside. There’s a perfect little alleyway that leads to the hidden cocktail bar (see above), and a string of lights glow over the sea when the sun goes down.

5 Photos to Take in Rovinj
Sunset at Bar Mediterraneo

FIND IT: Ulica Sveti Križa 23 (Monte Carlo) + Ulica Sveti Križa 24 (Mediterraneo)

Views from St. Euphemia

5 Photos to Take in Rovinj

3I can’t tell you how many bell towers I climbed during our time exploring Croatia and Italy – no less than five – and each brought stunning views of the town below. Rovinj’s St. Euphemia is no exception and its worth the crazy climb to the top despite the suspect wooden stairs that lead the way to the top. I mean, gorgeous is this view over Rovinj?!

FIND IT: Follow signs up towards Sveta Eufemija and look for the bell tower – you can’t miss it!

The Cityscape of Rovinj from a Distance

5 Photos to Take in Rovinj

4It’s hard to gain the scope and beauty of Rovinj while you’re in the old town area. Walk along the waterfront until you’re far enough away to capture the expanse of colorful buildings and boats bouncing along the water. It’s a gorgeous vantage point that can’t be earned while you’re within the confines of the old city itself.

That Perfect Blue Door + Bike

5 Photos to Take in Rovinj

5I dare you to not stop to take a photo when you see this lovely pairing. This sky blue door has its matching sky blue bike waiting majestically outside. I paused for a moment before sitting on the front stoop – is it maybe just a little weird to take a photo in front of someone’s house? I mean, maybe, but just one glimpse at other folks’ Instagram captures from Rovinj and you’ll see I’m not alone in being enamored.

FIND IT: Head up towards Monte Restaurant in Rovinj to find this daisy-hued facade with blue door.

And, yes, even just the ‘basic’ (basic for Rovinj, that is) little streets of the city are too photogenic to not capture:

5 Instagrammable Spots in Rovinj

For those that have been to Rovinj, where are your favorite places in the city for a photo?

Shannon Kircher, The Wanderlust Effect

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