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8 advantages of belonging to a Vacation Points Club

Vacation Points Clubs can add up to serious savings

Guest post by Susan Pizarro

If you travel frequently, then you’re probably looking for a flexible, money-saving option. Good news: you don’t have to search far — vacation points clubs give you rewards for traveling and help you save when you visit interesting locations. Not sure if a vacation club is for you? Consider the following advantages of joining one.

You save money

1The small fee you spend on a vacation club’s membership is nothing compared to the type of cash you’ll save. Resort costs add up quickly, but with a vacation club, you could cut those costs nearly in half through discounts. Some vacation clubs even advertise that you could only pay 1/3 of the original price on your resort room.

In fact, one statistic shows that you could save up to 70 percent on your vacation costs by being a vacation club member. The article also notes that most vacation club membership fees pay for themselves in just five years.

Short notice changes are easy

2It’s common to run into short-notice changes after you finalize your vacation plans. Luckily vacation clubs offer flexibility. They’re not a timeshare, which means that you’re not locked into your plan. Instead, vacation clubs want to please their members, so they’ll accommodate for quick changes. For example, they might help you reschedule your trip in case of illness or adjust your plans if you have a flight delay.

You can travel to unique locations

Pulhapanzak Waterfall, Honduras

3You’ve dreamed of traveling to new destinations, but your finances hold you back. With the deals you can find worldwide, a vacation club can help you get where you want to go while helping you stay within your budget.

Vacation clubs such as Bluegreen Resorts feature a range of incredible destinations to help you get great deals around the globe. In fact, Top10Reviews evaluates Bluegreen Resorts reviews and rates their destinations 10/10, citing that they own 40 resorts of their own and that members can redeem points at 3,700 resorts world-wide.

You’ll experience high-quality stays

4Most vacation clubs offer great deals, but this doesn’t mean that they settle with regular hotel rooms and small resort options. Instead, you’ll often find yourself in larger accommodations, and you’ll probably even discover kitchen facilities in your room. This, coupled with affordable all-inclusive packages, helps you enjoy comfortable and memorable vacations at a price you can afford.

There aren’t on-going maintenance fees

5With vacation clubs, you’re often charged a yearly membership fee. That’s it! You don’t have to pay an initial investment, and you don’t have to keep up with other costs. Plus, there aren’t real estate taxes involved as with a timeshare, so you can save even more money. The type of fees might vary, so make sure you understand these costs before becoming a member of your choice vacation club.

You can get all-inclusive vacations

Indura Resort, Honduras

6With vacation clubs, you don’t only get discounts on your room. Oftentimes members get all-inclusive amenities with their low rate, giving you plenty of freedom when you arrive at your destination. You can enjoy drinks, activities, car rentals, and more for one low all-inclusive price.

USNews cites various benefits of all-inclusive vacations, saying that they’re a great way to budget and that they can help you when it comes to getting the most out of your relaxation time. If you’re looking for a care-free adventure, an all-inclusive package is the way to go, and vacation points clubs can help you get affordable deals on them.

Your discounts never end


7Most vacation clubs don’t stop at offering resort discounts. Often, they feature other discounts throughout the city you’re in, helping you save at local stores and restaurants, cruises, and airline tickets. You can even get discounts on tours and other activities throughout the city. This ensures that you’ll save as much money as you can on your vacation no matter what you’re doing.

They’re flexible

8Vacation clubs are much more flexible than a timeshare. For example, a timeshare often requires you to stay a certain amount of time, yet most vacation clubs don’t mind how long you stay. Visit for a night or stay for two weeks. It’s your choice. Plus, you aren’t as limited to where you can stay or what time of year you can visit.

No matter how often you travel or where you like to go, there’s a vacation club out there that can cater to your needs, and you’ll find most of these benefits accompanying your membership.

Susan Pizzaro is a full-time freelance writer and self-professed content marketing junkie. A motocross and soccer mom, she’s usually enjoying the beautiful outdoor scenery of Central PA when she’s not busy creating compelling content for clients.

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