St. Paul's Bay, Malta

Golden Bay: Parasailing in Malta

After an evening flight from London, we were excited and ready to get on board AirMalta to get settled into our St. Paul’s Bay area hotel. As fate would have it, our flight was delayed. By three hours. With the delay, the flight time and the time change, we ended up landing in Malta at 2:30AM, not the greatest time when you’re relying on family to collect you from the airport. We opted to take a taxi due to the late arrival. For €26, we grabbed a cab and sped (we questioned whether our driver was drunk or if that was typical Maltese driving) through the narrow streets of Malta. Finally, we made it in one piece to the Crown Hotel  in St. Paul’s Bay, our home for the duration of the stay.

Crown Hotel, St. Paul's Bay

The Crown Hotel is well located and while it’s far from luxe, it had many redeeming qualities. The rooftop pool? A great addition with lovely views of Malta.

Malta Crown Hotel

Considering we only paid £32 per night (seriously), I can’t complain. While the wi-fi was spotty at the hotel the nearby McDonald’s offered free wifi-fi 24/7, one of the only nearby facilities offering the service to the public.

It was our first full day in Malta and we made the most of it. Though I planned on sleeping in after not getting to bed until 4 in the morning, I found it nearly impossible to sleep once the sun was up . Knowing that we had some beach time in store, we left early enough to enjoy the day, make our way to the beach and catch up on our lost hours of sleep while getting some sun.

St. Paul's Bay, MaltaBoats on St. Paul's Bay

The views down the street from our hotel were breathtaking. Most Maltese people I talk to have so many wonderful things to say about the island (they’re biased of course), but seeing the vivid waters helped me understand a bit of why they’re in love with their home. Beautiful is an understatement. The water manages to simultaneously be mesmerizingly clear and vibrantly blue. There are brightly colored wooden boats that bounce along the water, adding pops of color to the clear sea. After searching tirelessly for an elusive bus stop (it took us about 45 minutes to find the right area), we were en route to Golden Bay, a beach famed for its sandy beaches.

Tuffieha Bay, MaltaTuffieha Bay, Malta

We actually unknowingly ended up setting up at Tuffieha Bay, another gorgeous stretch, and soaked up a bit too much sun while enjoying the welcome dose of Vitamin D. A few hours later and a few shades darker, we departed after having lunch on the beachfront.

We headed to the sandy beaches of Golden Bay to check out the water sports. Kayaking, snorkeling, SCUBA, parasailing and jet skiing are available at the bay for those seeking a more action-packed way to spend a hot afternoon. After a bit of debating, we decided to give parasailing a try. Neither of us had ever done it before and while it was a bit of a splurge (€40 per person) the experience was incredible. We floated high above the Maltese shoreline and circled aroud Golden Bay, Tuffieha and another neighboring inlet before splashing into Mediterranean.

Parasailing in MaltaParasailing in Malta

After our adventure parasailing in Malta, we jumped on the bus back to St. Paul’s Bay to enjoy the rooftop pool and get ready for the evening. We made our way to the promenade for dinner at Angelo’s. The views are gorgeous and the setting is lovely for a summer evening. How do you beat al fresco dining during a balmy Mediterranean evening? It’s a must.

Angelo's, St. Paul's Bay

All in all, a wonderful welcome back to Malta. It’s great to be back, and I’m excited to experience the islands in the summer to see how it compares to my recent visit during December. Stay tuned as we explore on the Malta Hop On/Hop Off tour of the north tomorrow!

Shannon Falzon

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