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Malta: Blue Grotto, Paceville and Valletta

Day Three: Blue Grotto + Paceville

So, now that we’re finally settled, it’s time to recap days three and four in Malta. Wednesday was a visit to the beautiful Blue Grotto in the morning, a place that came highly recommended by my grandmother and my late grandfather, followed by an evening of family fun, and a night out in Paceville (pronounced Pah-tchay-ville).

Wednesday’s weather made for a perfect sightseeing day. Though a ferry to the Blue Grotto wasn’t really on the agenda due to the blustery weather, we had an amazing view and got some great shots of the water from above. The area is an absolute stunner; a must for anyone visiting the island. If you’re able to make the journey through the grotto by boat, take the opportunity as it’s weather dependent. You can see the blue waters from above, but even the dramatic landscape is enough to make your jaw drop. The erosion created a really interested elephant trunk-looking formation, perfect for boats to weave their way through.

Blue Grotto, MaltaBlue Grotto, MaltaBlue Grotto, MaltaBlue Grotto, Malta

After our visit to the Blue Grotto, we visited ancient temples on the island that date back 3500 years. From the site, we were able to glimpse the tiny islet of Filfla. You can see it in the background of the image below, a tiny uninhabited island that makes up part of the Maltese archipelago. While there are five (some say six) islands that make up the island chain, Malta and Gozo are the primary islands, with Comino being a stop for some travelers as well.

Filfla, Malta

After a great evening with family, we headed out to experiencing Maltese nightlife in Paceville. Located slightly west of St. Julian’s, the Paceville area is the veritable nightlife hub for locals and tourists alike with bars, restaurants, pubs and clubs lining the main drags. It was one of our later evenings out on the island but it gave us fun insight into Maltese living and local hotspots being able to visit with family.

Paceville, Malta

Day Four: Valletta, Malta

We made our way to the Maltese capital of Valletta on our fourth day, and it definitely ties with Mdina for being the most charming city in Malta. It’s much busier and feels more built up than Mdina, but the quintessential Mediterranean charm is there. Like much of the island, the buildings are sun-bleached limestone with a weathered feel that is more charming than dilapidated. The area is home to loads of cute cafes and eateries, plus stunning views of the sea from elevated points. Visitors to the area could easily spend a day meandering the cobblestone streets, visiting historical sites and taking in the sea views at a leisurely pace.

Valletta, MaltaView over Valletta.

Coffee in Valletta, Malta

Have you been to Malta? Which areas stood out to you the most?

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